How To Get Free Backlinks For Your Zen Cart Store

Once you’ve optimized your Zen Cart Store begin a link building campaign. This is the quickest way for new web site to get indexed by the major search engines. Since the web works with links, getting indexed in one search engine often results in getting indexed in many others.

Here are 7 very effective ways to build free backlinks to your online store:

1. Submit your site to general and specialized directories

Find directories related to your niche by entering keyword+directory in the Google search box.
After submitting your site to these specialized directories, submit your site to general directories.
Here’s a list of Free General Web Directories:

2. Research competitors’ backlinks

Enter your keyword phrase in Google to find the top 10 web sites in your niche. Check the backlinks
for each of these sites by entering their URL in the Yahoo Site Explorer Search Box Often the sites that are linking to your competitors will also link to your site.

3. Participate in forums and blogs related to your niche

Enter keyword+blog or keyword+forum to find the forums and blogs related to your niche.
Participate in the forum discussion by answering someone’s question or leave a comment on a blog.
You can include your web site link at the end of your forum post or blog comment.

4. Write/Submit a Press Release

Press Releases can get you many backlinks because your web site address is included and the release
is sent out to many news outlets. Here’s how to write a press release:

Here are a few places to submit your press release:

5. Write/Submit Articles

Choose a keyword phrase related to your product then write a 300-500 word article on it. Submit this article to and other article directories. Placing your web site address in the resource box at the end of each article will build lots of backlinks to your web site when your article gets published.

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6. Write a free report or ebook

Write a 10-20 page report about the product(s) you’re selling. Include links to your web site in the content. Offer to give your report away for free by including it in your signature file on forums, blogs,
and ebook directories. A viral effect is created as your report gets spread around the Net.

7. Create more content

Search engines love content, so if you continue to add targeted content to your web site
you’ll attract visitors that want to link to it. Unsolicited links are the best to receive
because you telling the search engines your content is worthy to be linked to.


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