Article Writing – How to Make Your Article Unique

If you search your topic on a major article directory you’ll probably find thousands of articles written on the same subject.

So why should you write another article?

Let’s look at a real world example. When driving down a typical American City strip, you see a string of restaurants one after the other e.g. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Kentucky etc. Sometimes you find several McDonalds on the same block yet they all do a brisk business. This means there are enough people visiting these places for them to be profitable.

How does this example apply to your own business?

There are millions of people online who visit article directories, blogs, forums etc to read about information they want and desire. Some (not all) will read your specific article.

How to make your article unique

If you want your article to get read it needs to stand out from the rest.Here are some things you can try:

1. Create an article title that captures the interest of your reader.

The title is the first thing a visitor sees. Spend some time crafting a good headline. This will make the person want to read the rest of your content.

2. Be creative in your article summary

Most article directories provide a summary of your article content. Give a brief description what your article will do for them. Don’t just copy and paste the first paragraph of your article. Your reader may be turned off by the repetition.

3. Make it personal

Write as if you are sitting opposite the person reading your article. Don’t use complicated words or corporate language that is impersonal and hard to understand.

4. Offer something free in your resource box

People love to receive free things if you provide something of value. This could be a free report, course or software.

5. Monitor your article statistics

Check how many people actually view your article and click the URL in your resource box. Work on increasing the click through rate by experimenting with different titles, content and resource boxes.


Don’t try to write like other writers but develop your own unique style. Every person has there own way of conveying things. Your writing style will naturally attract readers to your articles. This makes them stand out from thousands of others writing on the same topic.