How to Make Your Website Interactive – Top 10 Ways

Do you currently interact with your website visitors?
What are the ways to make your website interactive?
How can you keep visitors to stay longer on you site?

Several years ago websites didn’t involve much interaction with visitors. They simply visited the website read the information, purchased a product or subscribed then left. Nowadays visitors want more interaction. This is one of the reasons blogs became so popular. Large offline stores such as BestBuy, Macys etc are now using social media applications.

Top 10 ways to make your website interactive

1. Add a blog

A blog can easily be added to your current website by placing it in a sub domain or a subdirectory. Visitors can interact with your blog by leaving a comment, subscribing to RSS feeds or newsletter.

2. Forum

Forums enable visitors to ask questions and receive answers from people who have similar interests. Sometimes a conversation can start on a thread that continues for weeks. A forum can easily be added to your main site as a sub domain or in a subdirectory.

3. Chat

Chat windows are often seen on ecommerce sites to help the visitor to immediately engage with customer service without leaving the website.

4. Ezine or Newsletter

This helps establish long term relationships with your website visitors. If you offer valuable information by consistently sending out your ezine, weekly or biweekly your customers will get to know, like and trust you. They will be then be more open to your product recommendations.

5 Autoresponders

It’s a general rule that your customer needs to be contacted at least 7 times before they purchase your product. An autoresponder allows you to automatically send email messages every day or every few days. The beauty of this method is that you can set it and forget it.

6. Mini ecourse

Ecourses are like a small tutorial where you send a new lesson every few days using an autoresponder. By educating your customer over time they will be more inclined to purchase your products.

7. YouTube

Not all people like to read text online. Some are visual learners. Adding a video to your website enables visitors to listen and watch your content.

8. Podcast

A podcast is an MP3 file of your content that a person can download from your website. They can listen to it on their computer, download it to their ipod, listen to it in the car or while they’re exercising.

9. Twitter and Facebook

These 2 applications can easily be incorporated into your website so visitors are automatically added to them by clicking on the icons. Whenever you have new content visitors signed up for these sites get instantly notified.

10. Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking enables website visitors to save content to their favorites or recommend it to others. If your article is very popular you’ll experience a huge traffic surge. Add social bookmark icons to your website to make it easy for visitors to bookmark your content.

If you wish to generate more traffic, subscribers and/or make more sales add interactivity to your website by incorporating some of these 10 methods.

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