How to Start an Online Business by Writing Articles

Part 1

An online business constantly requires new content for it to be profitable. The phrase “content is king” is very true because the essence of the internet is content. If you can write an article or articles you will quickly establish the core of your online business.

Benefits of writing articles

1. Create content for web pages

If you get into the habit of writing articles you can easily write content for sales pages, product pages, and other types of web pages.

2. Increase search engine rankings

Writing optimized content (content containing keywords) will boost your search engine presence because search engines index web pages containing keywords that people search on. By continuously adding content to your web site you increase the paths by which visitors can find your business online.

3. Boost link popularity

Article directories allow links to be placed in the resource box of your articles. The more articles you write and submit to article directories the more links you build. Top rankings are achieved by building a large amount of links pointing to your web site.

4. Well written content attracts visitors

If you create original content that captivates your visitors’ attention, they’ll want to come back and visit your web site. Don’t get into the habit of scraping content from elsewhere. It will repel your visitors.

Steps to start an online business with articles

1. Choose a topic you’re passionate about

Spend time thinking and researching a topic you can invest in for the long term. It needs be something you either know or want to know alot about by doing the necessary research. This is a necessity if you want to write lots of compelling content.

2. Do keyword research

How do you know if the topic you chose is marketable?

Use the keyword research tools Wordtracker, Google keyword selector tool and SearchIt to see if people are actually searching for your main keywords. Click here to read the review of SearchIt.

For example if you enter “worm farming” in the search box and no search numbers appear for that phrase, select another topic.

3. Check out your competition

If there are too many competitors in your field it will be very difficult to create a profitable online business because your competitors probably get millions of visitors to their web site and have 1000s of backlinks. You’ll spend too much time competing with them. It’s better to choose a less competitive niche or topic.

To find out how many backlinks competing web sites have enter the top 10 web sites from Google in your niche then enter each web site address separately in the search box of Yahoo Site Explorer It will show the number of backlinks that site has. If it has 4000 backlinks you will need over 4000 backlinks to effectively compete with it.

Part 2 will discuss Market Research

For more information on how to write articles and start an online business with them please visit: Article Marketing Strategies.