Google AdWords – How to Test Your Web Page Copy

Have you ever tested the copy of your web page?

If you don’t test it you’ll never know if your conversion rate can increase. It’s easy to get comfortable with what you currently have if you are already getting a lot of business however the top marketers are always testing things to improve sales.

If you’ve ever tried Google AdWords you’ll know that changing or capitalizing one word in an ad can result in a higher conversion rate.

If you want to test your web page copy set up a Google AdWords campaign.

For example if you want to test a new keyword create 2 different ads for this keyword, then view the number of clicks it gets and observe how it converts. This is known as split testing.

If the new copy converts at an equal or better rate than the old and you think there’s a good chance it will improve your rankings, give it a try. You can always restore your old copy if things go badly.

Don’t completely change your web page copy if you are already getting alot of business. One customer paid a lot of money to get his copy rewritten and his conversion rates decreased.

Make only one change at a time, then monitor your conversion rate to see if it improves.

If you are looking for a fast way to market your products
or business, then Google AdWords is a great solution. You
can set up an AdWords campaign within a few minutes and be
making good money within days.

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