Google AdWords Tips – 7 ways to tweak your campaigns

So you’ve set up your AdWords campaign and the ads are beginning to get clicks. How do you keep tweaking your campaign for maximum profitability?

1. Split test your ads

If you only write one ad you won’t know if it’s your best one. For example your click through rate may be 1% on one ad and 2% on the other. You delete the lower performing ad then write another one. By continually repeating this process you increase your CTR and conversions.

2. Remove keywords that don’t get clicks

Delete or pause keywords that don’t receive any or few clicks and focus on keywords that receive the highest number of clicks. You can always create another ad group or campaign for low performing keywords.

3. Use exact match

Start off your campaign with broad match to see which keywords receive the highest number of clicks, then change their status to exact match to get more targeted visitors.

4. Make your ad more specific

By making your ad more specific you eliminate the tire kickers. You could still use broad match because the ad is very targeted.

Include your main keyword in an attractive headline. Include the main benefit in the second line, then tell them exactly what they will receive in the 3rd line ie ebook or product. Experiment with first letter capitalization for all the words in your ad. It’s been proven to increase CTR.

5. Create different ad groups for unrelated keywords

Only include closely related keywords in one ad group. For example create one ad group for services and another for your products. If 2 products are unrelated create a separate ad group for each of them.

6. Place a small amount of keywords in each ad group

If you place a large number of keywords in one ad group and you receive lots of clicks it will be difficult to determine which ones to keep. For example general keywords will easily receive more clicks than the specific ones. Start with approx 10-20 keywords per ad group then reduce them as you see which ones get the most clicks.

7. Do geographic targeting

Use Google Trends to determine which regions or states are the most popular then adjust your campaign accordingly. This helps to focus your ads only on areas of interest.

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