How to Repurpose Old Content and Generate More Traffic to Your Website

repurpose old content

  • Do you often get stuck for new article writing ideas?
  • Do you often stare at a blank screen hoping for a topic to spring into your mind?
  • Do you feel you’ve exhausted the number of articles you’ve written for your niche?
  • Do you have old content that can be revived?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions writers often ask themselves when trying to create new articles for their business. If you’ve been online for some time you’ve probably written content in multiple locations that can be repurposed into new articles. Even though it may be old content that you are very familiar with, your readers will still view it as unique because they don’t remember everything you’ve written.

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Content

1. Blog archives

If you’ve been blogging for several years you’ll have blog posts that are buried in your archives. Even if they’re short you can bundle several of them together to create a new 400-500 word article and submit it to the top article directories and other publications.

2. Reports and Ebooks

Review the content in old reports and ebooks then repurpose it into new articles. If they were written several years ago, rewrite the content. Your writing style will be different than in the past plus you have greater experience. Don’t copy the content in the ebook and use it for an article if you plan to sell the ebook in your resource box. Your customers will ask for a refund when they find out it’s exactly the same content.

3. Ezine archives

If you’ve written unique articles for your ezine or newsletter, repurpose them into new articles for publication. Make sure the articles you’ve written for your ezine have not already been submitted to the article directories. If so, they will be rejected by the editors because of duplicate content.

4. Customers’ questions or comments

Customers or visitors to your website or blog often leave comments or have questions related to your content. Write an article using the points visitors made in their comments. Answer a customer’s question by providing several useful tips in a unique article them send it to your customer and/or add it to your website. The customer will be pleasantly surprised and may even pass it on to others.

Dust off your old content instead of letting it lie dormant by repurposing it into new articles then submit them to article directories and other online publications. It’s a quick and easy way to attract more visitors without looking for new topics and creating new articles from scratch.

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