How To Promote Your YouTube Video After Upload (10 FREE WAYS)

If you want to drive more traffic to your YouTube video, you’ve got to promote your video after you upload it. In this video, you’ll learn 10 free ways to promote your YouTube videos after you posted on YouTube so you can get more views and subscribers.

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  1. Create a square video that’s under one minute long from your YouTube video and post it to Instagram.
    You can rescale your 16:9 YouTube video into a 1:1 square video using your video editing software. A free online tool you can use to rescale your video is Kapwing. I’ll place a link to it in the description below this video. Add the title at the top of your square video and include some of the content. At the end of your square video, add a call to action like, “Click the link in the bio for more info.” When someone clicks the link in the bio, it will take them directly to watch the video on YouTube.

    Here’s how to easily get your custom subscribe pop-up link using TubeBuddy.
    Click on the TubeBuddy icon. Click on Promo Materials. You’ve got the most recent upload, your most recent upload for embedding, most popular upload, channel page link, and you’ve even got the channel page with subscription pop-up link. Just copy the most recent upload URL and it says, “This link will always direct people to your most recent public upload.” Make sure you also include hashtags that are relevant to the content in your video so it can be found on Instagram.
  2. Instagram Stories.
    This is a 15-second vertical video you can upload to Instagram every day. You can preview your upcoming video or share actionable tips on a daily level. Make sure you also include a hashtag that is relevant to the content that you’re posting to Instagram.
  3. Facebook groups.
    Use the search box on Facebook to find groups that are relevant to your niche. Follow the rules of the group before posting. Otherwise, you might get banned from the group. Instead, try to engage in conversations within the group by answering questions. When members become familiar with you, they’ll more than likely check out your channel.

    Another thing you can do is create your own Facebook group that’s related to your niche. For example, I have a Facebook group called Tube Video Boot Camp that has over 1,000 members. Click here to join my Facebook group. You’ll be able to interact with like-minded creators that are also striving to grow their YouTube channels. Plus, you can get answers to your questions from other members on the group.
  4. Transcribe your video content.
    When you upload a transcription of your video content, it displays closed captions under your video. This helps viewers that are hard of hearing or have the sound turned off be able to read the captions that are below the video.

    How do you create your transcript?
    You can edit the auto-generated transcript from YouTube, or you can save time by getting it done by a professional company. I get my videos transcribed by GoTranscript. Another great benefit of getting your video transcribed is that you can repurpose the written transcript into blog posts and for social media posts.
  5. Create a blog post.
    Take the transcript that you just created and post it on your blog or website. Embed your YouTube video in the post. When you create a blog post, make sure you optimize it correctly by creating an optimized title, description, and tags. You can also link to other related videos within the post. When you optimize your blog post correctly, it’ll improve the probability of your blog post being found in the Google Search engine. This will appear in your YouTube Analytics as an external traffic source. For my channel, my number one external traffic source is Google Search because it drives a lot of traffic to my YouTube videos.
  6. Email all your list.
    Not all your viewers will receive all notifications of your new uploads. Therefore, it makes sense to create an email list off YouTube. Even when viewers subscribe and click the bell notification icon, they won’t receive all your notifications of new uploads. I use an email list provider called AWeber to store thousands of emails and to send out emails automatically.

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    AWeber also allows you to track the open rates of your email list, as well as create free landing pages. The landing pages enable you to easily create an opt-in form where you can offer a free download like a cheat sheet, report, free video course in exchange for the contact information. Over time, you grow the email list that you own and is not dependent on YouTube. If something happens to your YouTube channel, you still have your email list that you own.
  7. Collaborations.
    This is where you collaborate with another person that is in a similar niche as your own. This is a great way to expose your content to their subscribers and their content to your subscribers. Before you approach another person for a collaboration, think about what value you can offer to their audience. If it’s something new, valuable, and relevant to the audience, then go ahead with the collaboration.
  8. Translate your content into a different language.
    Go to the Audience tab in YouTube analytics and see which countries are driving the most traffic to your YouTube videos. If there’s a country that doesn’t speak English that are driving a lot of traffic to your video, think about translating your video into a different language than English. I’ll place a link in the description on how to translate your video to English or another language.
  9. Create a custom subscribe link.
    The great benefit of creating custom subscribe link is that when somebody clicks on the link, they’ll be automatically subscribed to your channel. You can add the subscribe link to YouTube about page, in your YouTube description, on your blog, and on the social media sites.

    Here’s how to easily get the permanent link for your latest YouTube video using TubeBuddy.
    Click the TubeBuddy icon. Click Promo Materials. Where it says channel page with subscription pop-up link, copy the URL. It says, “This link will direct people to your YouTube channel page and display the ‘Subscribe to Channel’ pop-up. If you want to use the full, non-shortened URL, copy this link.

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  10. Answer questions.
    Go to a site like Quora and answer any questions that are related to your niche. You can use a transcript that you created previously to post on Quora and also embed your YouTube video there. Other places where you can answer questions related to your niche are in Facebook groups, forums like Reddit, and also in comments of your competitors’ videos. Just make sure you don’t spam the platform but reply to the question with an in-depth answer. If you do that, people will be more motivated to check out your channel.

Let me ask you a question….
Would you like to know how to get YouTube to promote your YouTube channel and videos for free? If that’s a yes, watch this video on how to promote your YouTube videos organically so you can get more views and subscribers.

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How To Promote Your YouTube Video Organically (GET GUARANTEED VIEWS)

According to YouTube, you can increase the chance of YouTube suggesting your content by increasing your click-through rate and your video watch time. In this video, you’ll learn how to promote your YouTube video organically, so you get more views 24/7 year after year.

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Let’s take a look at the typical traffic sources my videos get in the first few hours and then weeks and months later.

In the first few hours, my top traffic sources are notifications, browse features, and suggested videos.

Notifications refers to people that have already subscribed to my channel, so they get notified via email or through push notifications.

Typically, they are my biggest fans, so they want to watch my content as soon as they receive a notification.

Browse features
Browse features refers to videos that viewer see on the home screen at, their subscriptions feed, watch later, and other browsing features. These videos will appear to subscribers and even to non-subscribers who have browsed in the YouTube homepage.

Suggested Videos
Suggested videos are those that appear on the right side of a watch page and below the video that people are watching on the YouTube app. These are viewers that see one of your rated videos after the video that you’ve just watched. If your thumbnail stands out from all the other thumbnails that a viewer sees on the right side of the watch page, that viewer will click and watch your video.

Let’s take a look at the main traffic sources in the first 24 to 48 hours.
My top traffic source is now browse features and notifications is the bottom traffic source. This is because YouTube is surfacing more of my videos on the YouTube home screen to my subscribers and non-subscribers.

Let’s take a look at the traffic sources weeks or months later on my YouTube channel.
Keep in mind, this may be different for you because you’re in a different niche. For this video example, my top traffic source is YouTube search, which means that viewers are discovering my video based upon a search query they’re typing into YouTube search.

My second top traffic source is suggested videos, which means that people are clicking and watching the videos on the right side of the watch page during and after the video that they’ve just watched. If a lot of viewers click and watch your video, then YouTube will surface that video to more people’s watch pages. If this is the case, then suggested videos will be the top traffic source.

According to YouTube, 75% of all traffic on YouTube comes from suggested videos, so it does free organic promotion from YouTube.

Let’s take a look at the next main ranking factor, how to increase audience retention.
According to YouTube, videos with consistently high audience retention and watch time have the potential to show up more frequently on search and suggested locations.

Most of my videos get an audience retention rate between 35 and 40%. However, I always try to get 50% or higher so it increases the probability of getting organic traffic from search and suggested.

Here are some tips to increase your audience retention rate.

  1. Use a strong hook at the beginning of your video.
    According to YouTube, the first 30 seconds will determine if the viewer will keep watching your video all the way through.

    A strong hook could be something simple like asking a question, making a bold statement, or teasing the viewer about what’s coming up later in the video.
  2. After you grab the viewer’s attention in the first 30 seconds, deliver your main content that you promised in the title and the thumbnail. Try to keep your viewer engaged throughout the video by resetting the attention using graphics, transitions, text overlays, et cetera.
  3. At the end of the video, invite them to watch your related video so they’ll stay longer on the YouTube platform. Here’s an example of what I say in my end-screen. “Just watch the video on the screen right now on how to make a Shorts video on YouTube just using your iPhone or Android device.

    The longer you keep your viewer engaged watching one video or multiple videos, the higher probability that your video will get organic traffic from search and suggested.
  4. Avoid the mistake of telegraphing the end of your video like saying something like, “Well, that’s all I have right now.” If you do that, you’ll probably see a sudden dip in your audience retention graph in YouTube Analytics.
  5. Speaking about YouTube Analytics, study the spikes and dips in your audience retention graph. Spike refer to moments in your content that your viewers were very interested in. The dips refer to moments in your content where your viewers might’ve left or were not interested in that particular content.

    If you get a 100% or higher audience retention rate, that means viewers are rewinding the video to watch it again and again.
  6. Remember when I mentioned notifications was my highest traffic source when I first uploaded my video, if you want to attract more subscribers that are instantly notified about new content that you’re uploading, make sure you ask them to subscribe in your video and tell them why they should subscribe.

    Also, tell them to click the bell notification icon to be notified whenever you have new content. Keep in mind that your subscribers are the ones that are most invested in your content and will drive the most views in the first 24 to 48 hours. According to YouTube, if you have a high view velocity in the first 24 to 48 hours, YouTube will surface your video to a wider audience.

Here are some important things to keep in mind about organic promotion on YouTube.

  1. Some videos take weeks and months before they take off.
    If your video is not doing well when you first upload it to YouTube, give it a bit of time for the traffic to take off.

    As I mentioned previously, when you first upload a video, YouTube is showing that video to your subscribers and non-subscribers. Your subscribers are the people that drive the most views in the first 24 to 48 hours, so if you get a high click-through rate and a high watch time, YouTube will surface more of your video to a wider audience.
  2. Double down on videos that are doing well.
    Click on Analytics in YouTube Studio and look at your top videos that are driving the most traffic. If you click on the Reach tab, you’ll be able to see your top traffic sources. Then if you click See More, you’ll be able to see the keyword phrases that brought in the most traffic for each of those traffic sources.
  3. Add every video to a playlist.
    Did you know that your playlist can also rank in the search engines? Bundle related videos together on a playlist, so if a viewer watches one video, they’ll be more inclined to watch several videos in a row. This will help get your videos organically promoted by YouTube.

    If you have a strong performing playlist, add that playlist to the top of your channel homepage, so when first-time viewers visit your channel homepage, they can take a deeper dive into your content and they’ll be more inclined to subscribe to your channel.
  4. Link to a related video or a playlist in the card or end-screen.
    You can also place a link to that related video or playlist at the top of your description, and also pin it to the top of your comments.
  5. Promote your video using YouTube stories and community posts.
    Even before you upload the new video, you can give a sneak peek to your viewers via community posts and stories. Keep in mind that community posts and stories are not only seen by subscribers but also will be seen by non-subscribers.
  6. Add timestamps in the description below your video.
    These are links which enable viewers to skip to the most interesting part of the content in your video so the don’t necessarily have to watch the whole video to get to that part. Click here to watch a video chapters tutorial
  7. Upload your new video as a channel trailer or featured video.
    Your channel trailer video appears at the top of your channel homepage for non-subscribers, so if people are visiting your channel homepage, they’ll see that new video.

    Your featured videos are only seen by people who have already subscribed to your channel, so when you upload a new video as a featured video or as a channel trailer, it will be seen by non-subscribers as well as subscribers.

    Here’s how to replace your current channel trailer or featured video.
    Click on Customization on YouTube Studio
    Select Channel Trailer or featured video to replace the video that’s currently there
    After you replace the current video
    Save your changes
    Now, your newly uploaded video will appear as a new channel trailer or a new featured video.
  8. YouTube Shorts.
    Take one point from your regular video and make it into a Shorts video because Shorts videos can get a lot of traffic from the Short shelf, which regular videos don’t get. At the end of your Shorts video, you can link to your regular video to drive more traffic to it.

    If you want to know how to upload a Shorts video from your PC, watch this video. You’ll also learn how to get started with YouTube Shorts and how to create a Shorts video using the Shorts camera app on your phone

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How To Transcribe YouTube Videos Automatically (auto generate subtitles and closed captions)

Have you ever had a hard time trying to understand what a person is saying in the video because you couldn’t understand their accent or the way they were speaking?

Have you ever watched a video with the sound turned off but couldn’t understand the content because there were no closed captions under the video?

In the video below, I show you how to transcribe your YouTube videos automatically using YouTube’s service, how to edit the transcript yourself, how to get a professional transcript done, and tips for creating the best transcript file.

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How To Turn On Caption Default Setting

Transcripts are a simple way of creating closed captions. If you want your videos to be automatically transcribed by YouTube, you need to turn on the caption default setting. Adding closed captions to your videos allows you to share your content with a larger audience. This may include deaf or hard of hearing viewers, or people who speak a different language. They only contain the text of what’s said in the video.

  • Log to YouTube channel.
  • Click on your profile icon.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Playback and performance.
  • Next to subtitles and closed captions, check the Always show captions box.
  • If you want to include auto-generated captions when available, you can check this box as well.
  • Your changes will be automatically saved.

Keep in mind that automatic captions are generated by machine learning algorithms, so it may not be entirely accurate. Later on, I’ll show you how to edit the auto-generated captions.

Now, if somebody watches your video and they click on the CC icon at the bottom of your video, then the closed captions will show up on the video.

Here’s how to turn on automatic closed captions for an individual video.

  • Go to the details page of that video.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Look under language, subtitles, and closed captions,
  • Select your video’s language, and if needed, a caption certification.
  • I’m going to select English because I’m living in USA. Title description will be English. If I want to add other languages besides English, I can just go to subtitles here, or just click on Subtitles

If you’re living in a country that doesn’t speak English, then select the language of your country. If you want to know how to translate your videos into a different language besides English, click here

Here I’ve got English by YouTube, which is automatic. If I click the three dots, I can download it or delete it, and I’ve added a transcript here that’s English United States. If I click on the three dots, then I can replace it, I can download it and delete it. You can see I’ve got the automated transcription from YouTube at the top here. I’ve uploaded a transcript here in English. This is a professional transcript that has been done by GoTranscript, which I’ll talk about later.

If you have TubeBuddy installed, you’ll be able to see the top 10 languages spoken by your channel’s audience. You could translate your video into foreign subtitles to expose your content to a wider audience. TubeBuddy is my secret weapon for finding the best keywords to rank my videos in the YouTube search engine.

If you haven’t turned on auto-generated captions for your channel or for your videos, or uploaded a transcript, then people aren’t going to see the captions on the video.

How to edit the auto-generated transcript from YouTube.

  • Click on the Content tab in YouTube dashboard,
  • Hover over the video that you wish to edit the transcript for,
  • Click the pencil icon that says Details.
  • Click Subtitles.
    Here’s the auto-generated transcript from YouTube.
  • Under Title and Description, I can click on these three dots, and I can edit the title and description.
  • Under subtitles, I can hover over the three dots, select unpublished, download or delete.
  • In this case, I’m going to duplicate and edit. It says, “This will overwrite your existing English draft.”
  • Click Continue.
  • If you click on the three dots at the top here next to Assign Timings, I can download the subtitles, clear the text, or upload a file.
  • I just want to edit the auto-generated transcript.
  • I’m going to click Assign Timings. Now I can edit each of these timing boxes. It’ll show up on the timeline below here, and also on my video, so I can see exactly what’s being said.

You can also play the video to make sure what you’re saying is accurate. After you’re finished, you just click Publish, and now I’ve got my edited transcript at the top here. I can remove the auto-generated transcript just by clicking on the three dots and then click Delete.

If you don’t want to edit the auto-generated transcript from YouTube, get a professional transcript done for you from GoTranscript. It’ll only cost you a few dollars but it’ll save you a ton of time, and you can re-purpose the content for other social media sites. Make sure the language of your transcript is the same language you’re speaking in your video.

How To Get A Professional Transcript Done

I get my videos professionally transcribed for a few dollars using GoTranscript, the 100% human-generated transcription services.

  • All you have to do is click “Order Online”,
  • Click Paste URL,
  • Enter the URL of your video,
  • Click Add.
  • You’ll receive an email saying, “Your order has been processed. We’ll let you know when your order is finished.”
  • Within a few days, you’ll receive an email that your transcription has been completed.
  • Click “Download transcription”.

Here’s how to upload your own transcript or transcript you got professionally done by a professional service.

  • Go to the Content tab in YouTube Studio.
  • Hover over the video that you wish to upload the transcript for.
  • Click on the pencil icon,
  • Click Subtitles,
  • Click Add language, and then
  • Select English United States.
  • Click Add. I can upload my transcript here.
  • I can choose auto-sync, which means that I can create subtitles and closed captions by typing them in as I watch the video, or I can just copy and paste my file in there.
  • If I choose “Type manually”, I can type or paste in a full transcript of the video, and subtitle timings will be set automatically. Here, I’ve got auto-translate.

To use auto-translate, you’ve got to publish the captions in the original video language, which is English for me. Auto-translateD subtitles are unavailable for auto-generated captions, so I can upload my own transcript or use the edited auto-generated transcript from YouTube.

I can select Upload File, but the file has to be a text file. I have a DOCX file. I’m just going to copy and paste the text from that file. In this case, I’m going to select Auto-sync.

Here’s my file, I’m just going to copy all the text in that DOCX file because it can’t upload a DOCX file. I copy all the text and just paste it in here, then unclick Assign Timings.

Then automatically, all the timings have been set for that document. I can also see how it appears on my video here and also on the timeline. I could quickly check through all these boxes here to make sure everything’s correct, and once everything’s correct, then I can just click Publish.

Now you can see I’ve got my most accurate transcript up here, English United States video language, and if I go to the video, as you can see, I’ve got the accurate closed captions displayed on my video now. Anybody that has the sound turned off or can’t understand my language or accent, can read these closed captions.

Here are some tips for creating a transcript file.

  1. Edit the auto-generated transcript from YouTube.
    Just make sure that you’ve enabled default automatic captions for your videos and channel
  2. Convert your transcript into a text file.
    If the transcript you receive from a professional transcription company is an HTML file, document.exe file, or Word doc, make sure you convert it into a plain text file. It should also be in the same language as the content in your video. To convert the file into plain text using a PC, just use Notepad. If you’re using a Mac computer, open TextEdit, click Format and select Plain Text to save it as a plain text file. You can do the same if you’re uploading a transcript for your video in a different language.

If you want to translate your YouTube videos into English or a different language, watch this video. You’ll be able to expose your content to a whole different audience.

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How To Remove A YouTube Community Guidelines Strike After Your Appeal Was Rejected

I’m really excited this morning because I’m expecting some sales. Let me check my email.

What’s this?

“Your content violated YouTube’s Community Guidelines and has been removed. Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our harmful and dangerous policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube. How to download videos from YouTube on iPhone or Android.”

Wow, that’s depressing. I was expecting some good news.

What content did I violate?

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“How your content violated the policy.”

I watched the video several times and even ran it by some YouTube friends. They determined that I did not violate YouTube community guidelines. The content clearly states you need a YouTube Premium subscription to legally download videos to your iPhone or Android device.

Click here to watch the video and see for yourself.

Hey, if you’re getting value out of the content so far, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, so you’ll be notified about new content like this every week.

How To Appeal YouTube Community Guidelines Strike

Under the Community dashboard, you’ll see Channel violations. When you click on Appeal, you can appeal the decision. When you click on Appeal. It says, “Please explain the reason for your appeal.”

What this means is that you get a human review of your content. Typically, the YouTube bots first flag your content for violating the community guidelines. I’m really hopeful that when I submit my appeal that my video will get reinstated. After you fill out the box, you just click Submit.

Let me check my email….
“Drost Video, we’ve reached a decision on your appeal. We have reviewed your appeal for the following content. We reviewed your content carefully, and have determined that it violates our harmful and dangerous policy. We know this is probably disappointing news, but it’s our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all.”

Wow, I was hoping to get my video reinstated

How’s this going to affect my channel?

“How this affects your channel. We won’t be putting your content back on YouTube. If your appeal was for a warning, you will not be given another warning in the future. If your appeal was for a strike, the strike will remain on your channel.”

Keep in mind that if you get 3 strikes on your channel, your channel will be terminated. If you get one strike, then you won’t be able to upload any new videos or go live for one whole week.

It really sucks because if you get two more strikes during that week, your channel will be gone.

How can I remove the community guidelines strike even after my appeal was rejected?

Here’s a tweet that I sent the Team YouTube…

“Please check why I received a community guidelines strike for my video tutorial. I explain how to use a premium subscription for authorized downloads. My appeal was rejected. Thanks.”

Here’s the reply I got back from TeamYouTube….

“Thanks for the info. We’ve passed this along to the team to get a closer look. We’ll get back to you once we have an update from them.”

I’m hopeful, but I’m not holding my breath.

One day later, I get a reply back from TeamYouTube. Let’s read what it says….

Following up, we’ve heard back from the team, and we’ve reinstated the video.” Moving forward, you can read more on the importance of context through this Help Center article for additional information. We’re here if you have any other questions.”

Whew! What a relief.

I got to say I wasn’t expecting my video to be reinstated so I’m really glad that I reached out to TeamYouTube.

Post in the YouTube Community Forum

Another action that I took after the appeal was rejected by YouTube was to post in the YouTube community forum. Here’s my initial post on YouTube community forum.

I got a reply from Andrew S., who’s a Platinum Product Expert, that says,

“Can you share the link to the removed video from YouTube and a screenshot of your Studio showing the rejected appeal?”

View the screenshot of my rejected appeal in the above video.

Then Andrew said, “Okay, there isn’t anything I can do while the appeal hasn’t been rejected yet.”

After my appeal got rejected, I posted again to the YouTube community forum.

I said, “The appeal got rejected. The tutorial clearly explains that YouTube Premium is the only legal way to download videos to your phone. Alternatively, save them to a playlist to watch later.”

Here’s their reply:

“Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our harmful and dangerous policy.”

Here’s a reply from Andrew S:

“Thanks for providing this. I see there’s another escalation created for you for the same video, so I’ll keep track of that rather than creating a duplicate escalation.

He does give me a tip by advising to put YouTube Premium in the title. I also reached out to Captain Rob Lee who’s a Gold Product Expert. I want to thank Andrew and Captain Rob Lee for helping out.

After the video got reinstated and strike removed, Captain Rob Lee posted a recommended answer in the YouTube community forum.

“Glad to hear the video has been reinstated. I agree with Andrew. I strongly suggest you reword the title. And you probably should review the description and tags to make sure they are not misleading.”

Here are a 4 tips based upon my experience of getting community guidelines strikes.

  1. Make sure you have a clear title, description and tags that represent the content in your video. The YouTube bots may flag more videos as more content is uploaded to YouTube.
  2. Appeal the strike if you feel your video hasn’t violated the community guidelines.
  3. Tweet @TeamYouTube if your appeal is rejected, then , and also post in the YouTube community forum.
  4. Avoid creating videos on topics that might get flagged by YouTube.

If you want to know how to legally download YouTube videos on your iPhone or Android device using the YouTube Premium subscription, watch this video. You’ll also learn how to save videos to a playlist so you can watch them later.

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How To Use TubeBuddy Click Magnet To Get More Views On YouTube

Do facial expressions and your thumbnails such as happy, sad, surprised, calm, affect the click-through rate of your videos?

In this video below I show you how to use TubeBuddy’s hot new tool called Click Magnet to get more views on YouTube. You’ll be able to quickly identify what your audience is craving and what style of thumbnail drives the most clicks. Stay tuned throughout the video to learn how to use Click Magnet to grow your channel faster.

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Here’s how to get to the Click Magnet tool

  • Click on the TubeBuddy icon,
  • click launch,
  • click Magnet Now. It says, “expand your audience and drive more meaningful views by turning your videos into click magnets”.
  • I’m going to click get started.
  • There’s four main features to Click Magnet. We’ve got Power Rankings if you want people to watch more of your videos and create content they crave. We’ve got CTR Opportunities, which get the most bang for your buck when focusing on improving these videos. Element Inspector discover which elements of your video packaging are actually driving clicks, and Advanced Analytics where you can view and export a variety of advanced metrics and video data.

Power Rankings

This shows you your top-ranking videos based upon CTR, which has clicked through rate, watch time, and number of clicks. In a dropdown box, you can also select YouTube Search, so you can see your CTR, watch time, and clicks for YouTube Search. Suggested videos. You’ve also got CTR, watch time, and clicks and browse features, which is the traffic that comes from your home screen. You also have metrics where the green is the 90th percentile, light green, 80th percentile, gray, 70th percentile, and so on.

If I go back to YouTube Search, these top-ranking videos have a high click-through rate, high watch time, and a high number of clicks. This tells me if I want to do better on search, I need to focus on making videos similar to these top-ranking videos. If I select Suggested Videos, these are top-ranking videos for suggested videos if I’m trying to better these suggested videos that I need to focus on making videos similar to these top-ranking videos.

If I select Browse Features, these are top-performing videos and browse features. If I want to improve the videos to get more subscribers then I need to focus on making videos similar to these top-ranking videos.

CTR Opportunities

These are the videos that are performing well on my channel, but not enough people are clicking on the videos to watch the content.

For example, they have great watch time, impressions, average view duration, but they have a low click-through rate. Click Magnet has identified these CTR Opportunities so I can change the thumbnails and titles so more people can watch these videos and receive my content. That saves me a ton of time going into my YouTube Analytics to identify the videos that have high CTR Opportunities.

YouTube says that if you want to get more of your content in suggested videos, they needed to improve the click-through rate and the watch time.

Element Inspector

This tells you what kind of thumbnails are driving the most clicks. We’ve got face or no face in the thumbnail. We’ve got emotions and we’ve got sizes. We also got text or no text and words on the titles.

If I click on face, no face, then I can see that 3.9% click-through rate is from videos that have faces in the thumbnails. The majority of my thumbnails have faces, so the no faces doesn’t really apply.

Let’s look at the next one, which is emotions in the thumbnails. If I use a happy phase, then I get 4.15% click-through rate. I don’t use any sad faces in my thumbnails, so I won’t have any data for that one. I’ve got surprised faces, which is 2.5% click-through rate, so it’s not as high as happy faces.

Then I’ve got calm faces, which is 2.34% click to rate, so it’s not as high as happy faces, which gets 4.15% click-through rate. If I click on sizes, then I got 5.72% click-through rate for a long shot. This is where I stand further away from the camera. Then I got medium shot, which is a 2.3% click-through rate, only two matching videos. Then I’ve got a close-up, which is 4.04% click-through rate, 38 matching videos, so that’s a good sign.

Then I got mixed-size faces, which is 3.31% click-through rate. Most of my videos have close-up faces.

If I want to improve the click-through rate on my thumbnails I need to have a close-up of my face that is smiling and ideally with no text.

Let’s look at text or no text. When it contains text, I get 2.86 click-through rate. When it contains no text, then I get an 8.36% click-through rate.

That tells me that I have to use less text or no text in my thumbnails.

Let’s look at words and titles. If I use the word shorts in my titles, then I get 6.81%. If we use make, I get 5.77% click-through rate. If we use 2021, I get 4.75 click-through rate. If we use how, I get 4.3% click-through rate. If I use YouTube, I get 4.08% click-through rate. If I use subscribers, I get 3.4% click-through rate.

Obviously, if I use shorts in the titles like a short videos, it gets a high click-through rate currently, but I can also make more videos that have make, 2021, how, YouTube, and subscribers in the title to get a high click-through rate.

Advanced Analytics

This shows the top ranking videos on my channel based upon clicks and impressions, views, clicks per views, average view duration, watch time per impression, and click-through rate.

You can see the top video has 9.91% click-through rate. Typically, the click-through rate for YouTube videos is between 2% and 10%. Ideally, you want to get closer to 10% than 2%. That’s over the lifetime, but I can also do it over 24 hours, 48 hours, seven days, and 30 days. If I do 24 hours, then the top-ranking video is, How to Monetize YouTube Videos Without 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers in 2021.

No traffic source available for this one, but I can also do impressions so I can choose one impression, 100 impressions, 1,000 impressions or 10,000 impressions. Let’s choose lifetime, then I can also choose traffic source. Let’s choose suggested, and then I’m going to choose 1,000 impressions. This video, Are You Losing Subscribers has a click-through rate of 4.61%.

I probably want to make more videos of that type of topic. I can do the same for search, lifetime search, I’ve got How to Make YouTube Shorts On Your Computer. I’ve got a click-through rate, very high click-through rate of 11.73%. Then I’ve also got a high click-through rate on YouTube Notifications Not working. I probably want to make more videos on those particular types of topics.

Keep in mind, you need to upgrade to the legend option of TubeBuddy to get the Click Magnet feature.

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Thumbnail Split Testing Tool

This is a handy feature that compliments the Click Magnet Tool. To get to the thumbnail split testing feature, click on the TubeBuddy icon, scroll down and you click create A/B Test Now.

As you can see, I’m currently split testing multiple thumbnails. For instance, in this one, I’m testing this left-handed thumbnail with this right-handed thumbnail. On the data analysis, it says based on the total number of impressions and clicks, we are 78.55% sure that your variation will perform better than the original. The blue bars represent the variation thumbnail.

We’ve got click-through rate, we’ve got impressions and clicks, watch time per impression, daily impressions, daily clicks, total views, average view duration, and total minutes watched. Overall, the variation thumbnail is doing 78.55% better than the original thumbnail, so that’s the thumbnail I would choose for this particular video. If I want to create a new test, I just click on Create A/B Test, then I can select any of these thumbnails.

For instance, this one, select Thumbnail CTR Test, select the number of days, so I can select 14 days and click continue. Then I just upload a new thumbnail and start the test. That’s all there is to it. If you’re currently using TubeBuddy and you want to upgrade to legend option so you get the Click Magnet feature and the thumbnail split testing feature, then use promo code hermansbuddy at checkout. I’ll place a link to TubeBuddy in the description below this video.

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Are there any other TubeBuddy tools that you would recommend?

Absolutely. Just watch this video for the top 10 TubeBuddy tools to get more views on your YouTube channel and videos.

How To Get In Contact With A YouTuber (10 Best Ways To Connect With Other YouTubers)

Have you ever wanted to get in contact with a YouTuber but were unsuccessful?

In the video below, I show 0 different ways to get in contact with other YouTubers.

I’ll also discuss why you may not immediately get a reply and some common mistakes you need to avoid.

Keep in mind that most YouTube creators are very busy, so you may not get a reply right away plus it also depends on what help you need.

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Here are some ways to get answers to general or specific questions about your YouTube channel.

This doesn’t include business inquiries.

  • The best way to get a reply to a specific question about the content in the video is to ask the question in the comments. Most creators will reply to questions that are asked in the comments.
  • Another method is to ask your question in the community tab. All you have to do is go to the homepage of a YouTuber and click on the community tab. Scroll through some of the posts and see if your question is related to any of that content, then post your question.
  • Another popular way to ask a question to a YouTuber is to post your question in the Facebook group. I like this method a lot because if it’s a popular question, it can also help other people in the Facebook group.

    Click here if you want to join my Facebook group, TubeVideoBootCamp. There’s over a thousand like-minded creators in there that you can interact with. I also share tips and tricks on the group that are not included in my videos.
  • Another way to ask your question to a YouTube creator is to reply to the YouTube Stories. For example, I share a 15-second tip on YouTube strategies every day on my YouTube stories.

    If you want to receive those tips, make sure you subscribe to my channel and check all notifications.

    Let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried to contact a YouTuber privately and got a reply? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them, and I’m sure others would too.
  • The best way to contact a YouTuber privately is to go to the About Page on their YouTube channel. Just click on the About page, click view email address next to business inquiries. Make sure this is a business inquiry like a collaboration or creating a sponsored video.

    When you send a message through this email form, make sure it’s not a spammy message. Otherwise, it’ll go to spam or it won’t get replied to you.

    Keep in mind that big YouTubers often receive hundreds of emails from companies and individuals, so you may not get a reply right away and you may have to exercise some patience.
  • Some other methods to contact a YouTuber is through their social media sites. You can often see their social media links on the About page or in the description below their videos. For example, if they have a Twitter account, you can send them a tweet. If they have an Instagram account, you can follow them on Instagram and send them a direct message. If they have a LinkedIn account, you can request to be part of their network and contact them via LinkedIn.
  • Another way to contact a YouTuber directly is to go to their website or blog. Visit their contact or About page to see if there’s an email address. There may be a contact form that you need to fill out to begin the communication.

    For example, on my About page, I invite people to fill out a form to have a one-on-one coaching call with me. By the way, if you want to book a one-hour coaching call with me to discuss how you can grow your channel this year, click this link.

Here are 3 mistakes that people make when trying to contact a YouTuber.

  1. Asking sub for sub.
    This is where a person asked you to subscribe to their channel in return for them subscribing to your channel. This is against YouTube’s terms of service and may result in the termination of your channel.
  2. Sending an email that is not a business inquiry.
    Specific questions can be asked in the comments, community tab, or on the Facebook group. Personally, I prefer questions to be asked in the Facebook group so other people can benefit from the answers.
  3. Avoid sending spam emails.
    If you email on YouTube about doing a collaboration, make sure you offer great value first, instead of just saying, I want to do a collaboration. They’re not going to do a collaboration with you if the content doesn’t offer value to their audience.

What are the best ways to contact YouTube support?
Just watch this video on how to contact YouTube support via live chat, email, Twitter, and YouTube help center.

Read this blog post to learn How To Contact YouTube Support (live chat, email, community forum, twitter, feedback form)

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How To Contact YouTube Support (live chat, email, community forum, twitter, feedback form)

Hey, YouTube, are you there?

How come you’re not answering?

Contacting YouTube support by phone is impossible. In this video, I’m going to show you how to contact you to support via live chat, email, YouTube Help Forum, and @TeamYouTube via Twitter.

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Contacting YouTube via live chat and email is only available to those creators who are members of the YouTube Partner Program, which requires 4,000 watch hours at 1000 subscribers.

YouTube Help Forum

Here’s how to access the YouTube Help Forum so you can get help from YouTube even if you’re not a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

First, go to At the top, you’ve got YouTube Help, Help Center, and Community. You can describe your issue and then you’ve got all these helpful articles from different topics.

You can also learn and share in the YouTube community so you can join the discussion, where you can get in touch with community experts and others in the YouTube Help Forum. Then you’ve got top contributors are the most active and knowledgeable people you’ll find in the forum. You also got YouTube help videos and also got YouTube non-issues.

The easiest way to get quick help is to just look at all these particular articles. For instance, if I want to get help with monetization, I can just choose monetize with YouTube Partner Program, and then I just say like, earn money on YouTube, then I’ve got all these helpful articles.

Now, if you want to join the discussion, ask a question. click on join discussion or I can click the community tab. Let’s click “join the discussion” so that I can describe my issue.

I can get recommended answers, and then I’ve got all these different topics. You can select from all these topics in the different categories.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can try asking the help community. Keep in mind that the answers to your questions will come from other users in the community as well as YouTube staff.

Click “ask now” so you can create your question. For instance, how to monetize my channel, click continue. Then you’ve got related content that might answer your questions. Then you can select category. Say, for instance, monetize with ads, memberships, merch, and more, platform iOS, select “I’m a viewer or creator”. I’m creator, then click continue. I’ve got to describe my post. I’d like to monetize my channel, check the box which says subscribe to updates, check I’m not a robot, and you can click post.

Now, your question has been posted to the YouTube community forum.

Most questions will receive a reply within 24 hours and you’ll also receive an email notification when this happens. You also receive an email that your question has been posted.

If I click on the three dots over here, I can get the link, I can edit it, and delete it. I’m going to delete this. Pick delete. You’ve also got other posts that might answer your question like the recommended answers here.

Live Chat Support

Let’s talk about how to get live chat support from YouTube. Keep in mind you have to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program in order to access live chat, support or email support from the YouTube creator team.

There are two ways to get live chat support.

  1. YouTube Help Center.
  2. Within your YouTube Creator Studio.
    If I go to and scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see contact us at the bottom right. Tell us more and we’ll be ready to get you there. If I click on contact us, then all I have to do is follow the prompts. I’ve got the drop-down here, channel, memberships, one-time purchases, tell us what you need, confirm your issue, then you’ve got contact options.

    Alternatively, I can live chat or email the YouTube Creator support team via the YouTube Studio. If you log into YouTube dashboard and click on the live chat icon, or you can click on the help icon, click contact YouTube support team, you can contact them via computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad. Just click the drop-down next to chat, select your language. I’ve got English. There’s chat with a member of our team, put your channel URL on there, and then just click start chat. Your contact options include chat and email if you’re a YouTube partner.

Email Support

If you want to get email support within the YouTube Studio, click the help icon, scroll down, click contact us, choose from the dropdown, tell them what you need help with, click next step, choose an option. I’m going to click other. YouTube gives you some recommended articles, click next step. Now it’s going to be community because there’s no email. It’s only given me the committee option at this time because the email option is currently unavailable.

Normally you’ll see both the chat and email options. I can ask my question in the YouTube Community Forum or I can send feedback.

Feedback Form

Here’s how you can send feedback to YouTube that includes a screenshot of your computer screen. Click the profile icon, just click send feedback. You can include a screenshot. You can click the highlight or hide info. If I click the screenshot, then draw using yellow to highlight issues or black to hide sensitive info. I can use the yellow to highlight issues and black if want to hide sensitive issues and just click done. After done that, just click send.

If you still have trouble getting hold of YouTube, use the send feedback option.

Here’s a testimony from MTH Vlogs who used the feedback option on their mobile app to get help from YouTube. “I go to my YouTube mobile application at the top, feedback option available. There I type if I have a problem, then send. Simple.”

Send Feedback via YouTube Mobile App

Here’s how to use the YouTube mobile app to send feedback to YouTube.

  • Make sure you have the YouTube app installed and tap the YouTube app.
  • Tap the icon at the top right of your screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see, send feedback right here. Taps and feedback.
  • It says, “Have feedback? We’d love to hear it. Please don’t share sensitive information. Have questions or legal concerns, try help or support.” If you want to send a screenshot, tap the screenshot. You can also write on the screenshot by tapping one of these icons at the bottom.
  • Let’s tap on this one and we’re going to black around there.
  • After you’ve finished with the screenshot, tap the check icon.
  • Just tap send feedback. That will send feedback to YouTube.

Let me ask you a question…Which contact method worked best for you when trying to get help from YouTube as a creator?

Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

Get Help From YouTube Via Twitter

Let’s talk about how to get help from team YouTube via Twitter.

  • Go to
  • You’ll see all the latest tweets from YouTube.
  • You’ve also got some news here like channel memberships are now available to eligible creators with 1000 subs.
  • Check if you’re eligible. It aays, “Creators: we’re bringing the ability to manage, sort, and view your Community posts into Studio on Desktop.
  • If you want to send a tweet to YouTube, just click tweet,
  • Enter your message, where it says, “Everyone can reply,”
  • You can also add images, emojis
  • When you’re finished, just click tweet. That’s all there is to it.

Snail Mail or Fax

The last contact option is snail mail or a fax if you still own a fax machine. I’ve never tried this option. There’s no guarantee that you get a reply.

Which option is the fastest and easiest way to get help from YouTube?

Live chat if you’re a YouTube partner, YouTube Help Forum, Twitter, or the feedback forum if you’re not a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

How can I get 4,000 watch hours so you can live chat with the YouTube support team?

Just watch this video to learn how to easily get 4,000 watch hours on YouTube.

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How To Build An Audience On YouTube Step By Step To Grow Your Channel

YouTube says that the algorithm follows the audience, but how do you build your audience on YouTube when you’re just starting out?

In this video you’ll learn how to identify your target audience, how to get your audience to find your videos, and how to keep them coming back for more of your content.

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Let’s first talk about how to identify your target audience.

Your target audience are the people that are interested in your content. One of the ways to find your target audience is to see what search queries people are entering into the YouTube search engines.

For example, if I enter, “How to tie a tie,” into the YouTube search engine, I get a bunch of different suggestions. These are all search terms that people are entering into the YouTube search engine to find out the information that they seek.

If you create videos that contain the search terms and the title description tags, then these videos are more likely to appear in the YouTube search engine.

Ideally, you want to find less competitive keyword phrases because they’ll be easier to rank for especially if you’re a small channel or just getting started.

If you want to know how to find low competition keywords with a high search volume, watch this video.

Another way to find your target audience is to do a survey or a poll. If you have an email list, you can survey your subscribers. If you have a Facebook group, you can create a poll.

If you’re lucky enough to have the community tab on your YouTube channel, you can also create a poll on the community tab.

One of the best ways to tap into the mind of your target audience is to read the comments under the videos. You can read the comments under your own videos or even your competitors’ videos. I often find great questions from viewers in the comments.

When you make a video, you can also ask a question to your viewers in the video and pin that question to the top of your comments. When your viewers go to post a comment, they’ll see your question pinned to the top of the comments.

If you want to know the frequently asked questions that people are asking in your niche, use Answer the Public. It’s a free chrome extension that compiles all the questions in their alphabetical order.

If you have the chrome extension keywords everywhere installed, it will give you the search volume and cost per click of those questions, this is a great time saver.

If you’re like me, and you are your own target audience, then just think to yourself what kind of questions you would ask about your particular niche. If you already have a channel that’s getting a lot of traffic, check your traffic sources for the videos that are bringing the most traffic. You can see what keyword phrases people entered into YouTube search to find your video.

Under suggested videos, you can also see the keyword phrases that contributed to the traffic for your video.

If you have a high view velocity in the first 24 to 48 hours, then your videos will get surfaced to other people’s watch pages. In order to do that, you want to promote your video on social media sites, in your description, pin it to the top of your comments and also place it on your channel home page. The more places that you promote your video on YouTube and off YouTube, the higher probability you’ll get a lot of views from your target audience. 

Let’s discuss how your target audience is going to discover your videos on YouTube.

Whether it’s through search or suggested, they’re going to discover your videos based upon a great thumbnail and a great title. The keyword phrase that you research, you want to enter into your title description and tags. If your viewer doesn’t find the title and the thumbnail compelling enough to click on it, then they’re not going to watch a video and you’ve wasted all that time making your video for nothing. Therefore make sure you create a title that motivates the viewer to click on your video.

Click here for the BEST YOUTUBE TITLE GENERATOR For SEO And More Views

Also, make a thumbnail that stands out from your competitor.

Click here to learn how to create a clickable thumbnail.

Basically, your title, thumbnail, and description should also be highly relevant for your video to get found in the search engines. The best scenario for your video to be discovered by your target audience is that YouTube promotes it to other people’s YouTube watch pages. In order to accomplish that, you have to have a high click-through rate and a high watch time.

A high click-through rate will happen if you have a great title and a great thumbnail. YouTube says that the average click-through rate is between 2 and 10%, the higher the better but just keep in mind when people first watch your video, it’s going to have a higher click-through rate because most of the people that watch it in the beginning, are your subscribers.

Your click-through rate will decrease as your videos get surfaced to a wider audience. Keep in mind that click-through rate is not the only factor that affects the rankings of your videos. You’ve also got watch time, average view duration, and average percentage viewed.

A high watch time means that your audience remains engaged throughout your video. These two factors will increase the probability of your video appearing in search and suggested videos. They’ll also get recommended on the home screen of your viewers and subscribers, and will appear in browse features in YouTube analytics.

Let’s talk about how to get your viewers to keep coming back for more of your content.

There’s three types of viewers, new, casual, and returning viewers.

New viewers are viewers that have discovered your videos for the first time. They may have discovered it by YouTube suggesting your video on the right side of the watch page. They can also discover your video in up next, which is the next video that plays after the video they’ve just finished watching.

Casual viewers are viewers that watch a few of your videos but don’t often return to watch more of your content, for example, a viewer might have entered the search query how to tie a tie, watch the video, and they’ll never come back to the channel. You might have experienced this on your own channel where you get a lot of new subscribers but they don’t often return to watch more of your content.

Returning viewers are people that frequently return to watch more of your content. These are usually your biggest fans because they like your content and the way that you deliver it. For most channels including my own, the majority of people that are watching the videos are non-subscribers. A small percentage of viewers are subscribers which are generally the first ones that comment on the videos and drive the view velocity for the videos.

Let me ask you a question, what percentage of your viewers are non-subscribers?

Post your answer in the comments below, I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

What are some ways to increase returning viewers so they can watch more of your content?

One way to get more returning viewers is to create a video series. Focus on a theme for your next few videos, then focus on topics that are related to that theme for each new video. When a viewer is watching one of your videos, link to the next video in the series so they’ll watch more than one video. This will motivate them to keep returning to your channel to watch more of your content.

Another thing you can do to keep them returning is to deliver consistent value. This means you have to create videos on topics that they like and are interested in. You can discover the topics that your audience is interested in by looking at YouTube analytics.

Go to the reach tab and look at your traffic sources. You’ll discover the search queries that people use to find your videos. Write down those keyword phrases as ideas for your future videos.

Another thing you do to attract returning viewers is to have a consistent upload schedule. If viewers know how many times you’ll upload a video each week, and what days you’ll publish it, they’ll keep returning to your channel to see more of your content.

For instance, I usually upload new videos at least twice a week, once on Monday, then do a live stream on Friday.

Become a member of my YouTube Channel

If you want to receive a channel review every month, as well as other hot tips and tricks, click here to become a channel member.

Here’s another tip to keep viewers returning to watch more of your content,

Go live. When you go live on your channel you have the ability to connect more deeply with your viewers and subscribers, by answering their questions. It gives them an opportunity to know you better as well as you getting to know them better. As a result, they’ll want to keep coming back to your channel.

Here are three big takeaways on how to build an audience on YouTube. Your main focus on YouTube is to attract new viewers and retain the ones that you have.

  1. Think about the people that were attracted to your channel in the first place and how you can bring them back to watch more of your content.
  2. Create a video series so you can drive viewer loyalty. Instead of a viewer watching a solo video, give them the opportunity to take a deeper dive into your content by watching more videos around the same content.
  3. Attract repeat viewers by delivering consistent value instead of chasing trends and views. If your video topics consistently contain content that your viewers want to watch, they’ll keep returning to watch more of your content.

Here’s a bonus tip to build an audience on YouTube…

Make sure you reply to viewer’s comments. Your viewers took the time to respond to your video so reward them by replying to their comment.

Click here to learn how to use the YouTube algorithm to your advantage so you can get more views and subscribers.

How To Make YouTube Shorts On Computer (edit, upload, optimize, publish)

If you want to gain more views and subscribers on YouTube channel quickly, make a YouTube Shorts video on your computer.

You don’t need to use the Shorts feature on your phone, and you can upload a short video even with zero subscribers.

In the video below, I how you how to make a YouTube Shorts video on your computer, how to film the video using a camera, how to edit the video using the proper dimensions, how to optimize the video on YouTube so to get found in YouTube search and how to publish a video so to be seen by the public.

Click here if you want to know how to make a shorts video on your phone with the Short feature.

Film Your Video

Adjust the camera to a vertical position so you record a vertical video instead of a landscape video. Remember the edge or external audio and turn the camera on so now you can record the video.

After you’re finished filming the Shorts video on your camera, it’s time to edit the video in your video editing software.

Transfer The Video Clip

Now I’m removing the SD card from my camera and inserting it in my iMac computer.

Edit Your Video

Now I’m ready to edit the video using the video editing software ScreenFlow. So now I’m inside my ScreenFlow video editing software and I go to create a new document. I’m going to go to File, New. From the drop-down here, I’ve got to select the right dimensions. These are vertical formats or iPhone 7, 8 dimensions. The main thing is that you got to use the portrait mode or vertical format. I’m going to choose this one.

You can see the dimensions are 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. It’s 1080 width, and then the length is 1920. Click the new document and here you can see that I’ve got the vertical format.

Now I’m going to transfer the video clip from my SD card to the timeline in my video editing software on the computer. I’ve got to rotate the video and fit it into the window. I’m going to click on this icon, rotate it so it’s like 90 degrees. I’m going to scale it so it fits the window. Here’s my vertical video. I can expand it if I want in my video editing software. I want to have a little bit of space at the top above my hat and my face in the middle.

I’m going to select the best section of this Shorts video where I articulate what I wish to see. If I play the video I can see it’s really good.

Now I just have to publish the video and save it on my computer so it’ll be ready to upload to YouTube.

Just go to File, Export.

I’m going to call it Test, select fastest, and then in the resolution, I’m going to change the resolution from 1920 to 1080 which is a regular video, and go to how to 100% of original which is 1080 by 1920.

Click Export. It’s processing. Now, it’s finished.

Check the video.

Here’s how to upload and optimize a YouTube Shorts video.

Log in to YouTube channel. Click on the create icon at the top of the page. Click Upload videos. Click Select video. Select my test video. Click Open. Now it’s uploading.

Now you’re going to add an optimized title. The keyword phrase that I optimized the YouTube Shorts video for is how to make YouTube Shorts on the computer.

I can use the curiosity phrase at the end to get viewers to click on the video. I could say something like without using Shorts feature. Then I can enter description. Just go ahead and make YouTube Shorts on your computer without using the Shorts feature.

The thumbnail is already selected, but YouTube just chooses a frame from the YouTube Shorts video to use as a thumbnail.

Alternatively, you can upload a custom thumbnail for your Shorts video so it integrates with the thumbnails of your regular videos.

I’m not going to add it to a playlist. For audience, I’m going to say no, it’s not made for kids. Click next. It’s not a paid-promotion.

I don’t really need to add any tags for Shorts videos. Then the rest you just leave the same as you do for a regular video.

Click next. You can add an end screen and you can add a card for short videos. Click next.


I can choose when to publish it so I can choose private, unlisted public, or schedule it. Choose public if you want to make it visible to the public right now or choose unlisted if you want anyone with the video link to watch your video. I’m just going to choose unlisted for this test video and just click save.

Promote Your Video

I could choose to share the link, embed the link, or share it on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogger, Reddit, Tumblr, et cetera.

If I copy the URL, then I can view it on my computer to see how it looks. That’s how the vertical video appears on my computer with the bands to the right and left of the video.

Let’s take a look how it appears on my phone. This is how the YouTube Shorts feature video appears on your phone.

How do viewers find your Shorts videos?

If they have a Shorts shelf feature on their phone, they can visit the homepage on the YouTube app.

One way to check if your Shorts video is appearing on the Short shelf on people’s phones is to look at YouTube Analytics. If your analytics show Shorts, that means your Shorts video appears on the Short Shelf. They can also find the Shorts videos on the what to watch next module. They can also find the Shorts video by searching YouTube. They can also check their subscriptions’ feeds.

If you want to know how to get started with YouTube Shorts watch this video. You’ll learn the pros and cons of using YouTube Shorts to grow your YouTube channel.

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How To Upload YouTube Shorts From Your PC

Why on earth do you want to upload a YouTube Shorts video from your PC when it’s easier to upload it from your phone using the YouTube app?

Here are a few reasons…

  • Perhaps you don’t own a phone, but you have a camera and computer.
  • The videos you film on your phone are low-quality compared to the videos you film on your camera.
  • You can make a high impact video using a camera and video editing software.
  • You want to edit and save the video on your computer.

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Let me ask you a question….

Are you currently creating YouTube Shorts for your channel? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would, too.

  1. Film your video.
    If you’re filming with your phone, make sure it’s in the vertical position. If you’re filming with a camera, like I often do with my GoPro when I’m outside, make sure it’s also in the vertical position. If you don’t do that and film in a horizontal position, then you won’t be able to create a Shorts video.
  2. Import your Shorts video in your video editing software.
    Just make sure that you have a vertical document of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. After you’ve edited the video, save the video to your computer so it’s ready to upload to YouTube.
  3. Upload and optimize your Shorts video.
    Here are a couple of optimization tips….
    – Include your main keyword phrase at the beginning of your title. Your title is one of the main ranking factors for YouTube Shorts videos. You also want to add the hashtag Shorts in the title or description. The rest of the description and tags are not really ranking factors for YouTube Shorts videos. If you didn’t create the video using the Shorts app, then you can make the video up to 60 seconds long. If you use the Shorts feature on the YouTube app, then you can only make it 15 seconds long.

    Here’s how to do it…
    – log on to YouTube channel,
    – click the ‘Create’ link at the top.
    – click ‘Upload Videos’,
    – click ‘Select Files’, or drag and drop a file to upload.
    – I’m going to drag this file, “How to increase watch time on YouTube in 30 seconds.”
    – Now it’s uploading. I’ve got my title in there already, because that’s what I named the file.
    – Add a short description. Make sure you include the hashtag #Shorts in the description or the title. Here is the thumbnail frame that YouTube chooses from your video to add to the Shorts shelf.
    – You can upload a custom thumbnail, but it’s not necessary unless you want to integrate thumbnail with your regular video thumbnails.
    – Under ‘Audience’, select ‘No, it’s not made for kids’, no age restriction.
    – Click ‘Next’. I’m not going to add an end-screen or a card.
    – Click ‘Next’.
    – Under ‘Visibility’, you can choose private, unlisted or public. For the sake of this demonstration, I’m going to choose ‘Unlisted’, but if you want to make it public, choose ‘Public’, or you can schedule it.
    – Click ‘Save’.
    – After you finished optimizing YouTube Shorts video, publish it.
  4. Publish and promote your YouTube Shorts video.
    Promote your Shorts video by sharing it on your social media sites. Now, you can share it on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumbler, LinkedIn, etcetera. or you just grab the link.

    Click ‘Close’. Click ‘Content’ to view your video. Here it is. You can see it has the back bars next to the video.

    Let’s take a look at how the YouTube Shorts video appears on your mobile phone.

    Here is a tip to increase watch time on YouTube so you can get more views on your videos.
    You can also add a section to YouTube channel homepage so it shows up on the Shorts shelf on the mobile app,

    Simply go to ‘Customization’ in your dashboard, click “Add Section’, select ‘Short Videos’. It says this section is only visible in the YouTube app.

    Therefore, I highly recommend adding a Shorts section to your YouTube channel homepage from a computer, so your Shorts videos will appear on the Shorts shelf.

    Where do Shorts videos appear?
    As you can see from these real-time statistics, my YouTube Shorts video appears in suggested videos, YouTube search, on the Shorts shelf on the YouTube app, and also in external traffic sources like Google search.

    Does that mean my Shorts videos can be discovered just like regular videos?

    Absolutely. They can also appear in the subscription feed on the mobile app.

    Are there any best practices for YouTube Shorts?
    Absolutely. Start the first two seconds strong by using motion. Secondly, structure your video correctly by using a beginning, middle, and strong ending. You can even add a surprise somewhere in the middle. Lastly, make sure the YouTube Shorts video is accessible by creating it in a vertical format and adding the hashtag Shorts in the title and description.

    How do I make a Shorts video on my iPhone or Android device?
    Click here to watch this video on how to make a Shorts video on mobile while using an iPhone or Android device.

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