How To Monitor Website Traffic

Are you monitoring your website traffic?
Is your traffic increasing each month?
Where are your visitors coming from?
What keywords are they using to find your website?

Without answering these questions you’ll have no idea if your marketing strategies are working effectively. Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. If you don’t monitor and analyze your traffic you won’t know what to change to make your online business successful.

Here are 2 Free Tools to Monitor Your Website Traffic

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The First Impression of Your Website May Be Driving Away Traffic

Do you judge a book by its cover?
Do you judge people’s character by the way they look?

The design of your website may be preventing potential customers from doing business with you even though it contains lots of valuable content. First impressions count. If a visitor is is not immediately impressed by the appearance of your home page he or she will go elsewhere.

7 Reasons Your Website May Be Driving Away Traffic

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How Do You Get Free Traffic to Come to Your Website

free website traffic

Large companies spend a fortune in online advertising to drive traffic to their websites. How can you possibly compete with them when you’re the sole owner of your business and can’t afford to invest in paid advertising?

The best way to compete with large companies is to build a website around a micro niche then promote it using free traffic generating strategies. Let me explain what I mean by giving you an example.

If the large company sells shoes target a smaller niche such as “mens running shoes.” Make your website standout from the large companies by making it personable e.g. adding a blog so visitors can comment on your posts, write articles about running, create videos offering tips on running, adding social bookmarking icons so visitors can easily share your content with others.

One of the best ways to get free traffic to your website is article marketing. It will only cost you time to write and submit your content to article directories and other online publications.

Step by step article marketing process:

1. Choose a topic you’re passionate about

Create a list of topics to write about by entering your main keyword in Google’s keyword research tool. It will provide a wide range of related keywords people are searching on plus how many monthly searches that keyword receives. Your job is to write articles based on those keywords so your content can be found in the search engines and in article directories where newsletter publishers and site owners are looking for content to publish.

2. Create an attention getting headline

This means you need to write an attractive headline that grabs your reader’s attention. For example instead of writing “How to find comfortable running shoes” you could write “A Startling Fact About How To Save Your Feet When Buying Men’s Running Shoes.” Which headline gets the most attention?

3. Write content that benefits your readers

Your main content should provide at least one good tip your reader can act upon. Alternatively divide your content into several paragraphs each containing one tip. If you write 4 paragraphs (4 tips) of 100 words for each paragraph you’ll easily complete a 400-500 word article.

4. Offer an incentive

The resource box at the end of your article is where you can promote your product or service. Instead of trying to sell to your readers directly by linking to your product, offer a free report or ecourse so you can first capture their email address. This will enable you to stay in touch with them. Most people won’t purchase products on first contact.

5. Promote your content

The key to generating lots of free traffic to your website is to get your content in front of as many people as possible then build a community of followers. Start by submitting your articles to the top article directories because they receive millions of visitors each day. Add the articles to your blog so visitors can interact with them by leaving comments or asking questions. Create Twitter and Facebook accounts so you can notify your followers when you’ve written a new article. Participate in forum conversations and blogs related to your niche.

Build your community by offering a regular newsletter. Develop long term relationships with your subscribers by providing tips, news, product reviews, coupons, sales etc.

Your success will be determined by the frequency and consistency of your content marketing efforts therefore create a plan (e.g. write and publish 3 articles each week) then stick to it.

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EzineArticles: How to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Article marketing has become one of the most popular and effective ways to generate traffic to your website. This is because the top article directories receive millions of visitors each day. You can benefit from this traffic by submitting your articles to them. Ezinearticles is the top article directory because they constantly reward their authors by finding new ways to attract more visitors to articles submitted to their website.

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website with Ezinearticles

Let’s look at the what happens when your article is submitted to Ezinearticles (EA):

Immediate search engine exposure
EA gets indexed by the search engines every day or several times a day. If you optimized your article for a relatively non-competitive keyword or keyword phrase it may appear on the first page of the search engines. Visitors searching on your keyword will find your article and then visit your website by clicking on the link in your resource box.

RSS feeds.
RSS stands for really simple syndication. An RSS Feed Reader (such as the Google Reader) enables visitors that subscribe to the feed to receive summaries of your articles in their reader. EA has an RSS feed that enables visitors to instantly get notified of new articles. You’ll receive a spike in traffic every time you submit a new article.

*Email alerts. Visitors to EZ can sign up to receive email alerts in their niche. Whenever a new article is published in that niche the subscribers get notified.

Recent, Most Viewed, Most Published Sections
There are 3 sections at the end of each article for every niche listed in EA:
*Other Recent EzineArticles.
*Most Viewed EzineArticles in 60 days for a category
*Most Published EzineArticles in 60 days for a category

Other Recent. Your most recently submitted articles will immediately appear in this section. This makes it easy for ezine publishers to select similar articles in their niche for publication.

Most Viewed. If your article receives lots of views it will be selected by EA to appear in this section for 60 days. You benefit by receiving even more views as people visit this section to find the most popular articles to place in their publications.

Most Published. If your article gets published in multiple ezines or newsletters it may appear in this section for 60 days. Invest in writing high quality articles so your articles will get displayed here.

Social Media

Visitors to your articles on EA can share the article by clicking on any of the Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Delicious, FriendFeed icons that are displayed at the end of each article.

Twitter subscribers can automatically be notified of new articles by synchronizing your EA account with your Twitter account.

Article Tools
Under Article Tools-Article Reports in the administration area you can view the click through rate of each article. It also provides the month views and the keywords visitors used to find your articles. The article tools section also enables you to submit press releases, submit your ezine to an ezine directory, create a widget for your website, get article title suggestions and view your author rankings.

View your article marketing investment as a highly effective method for advertising your website. If done frequently and consistently it will continue to attract visitors for years to come.

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How Do I Get Website Traffic on a Budget

website traffic

Traffic is the life blood of your website. If no one visits your site it will die a slow death and join 1000s of other abandoned sites on the Net. Most site owners don’t have a large budget to promote their business so they often ask themselves “How do I get website traffic on a budget?” They are constantly looking for free or inexpensive traffic generation strategies.

Here’s a highly effective traffic generation strategy that won’t cost you a dime. Even though this strategy is free it will still take time to implement but if done frequently and consistently will attract 1000s of visitors.

Web Content Development

New content needs to be constantly added to your website to attract and retain your visitors. One very effective way to achieve this is to write search engine optimized articles. This is an article that contains keywords that people are searching for in the search engines. When a person enters that keyword in the Google search box (or other search engine) your article appears on the first page of results.

Before writing the article create a list of keywords using the free Word Tracker keyword research tool. It will display how many searches each keyword receives each month. Write an article based on the topic of the keyword. Use the keyword in the title, article body and resource box at the end of the article. The article should be at least 400 words long so it meets the requirements for article directory submissions.

Make sure you create an attention getting headline then expand upon it by offering four valuable tips. Write four paragraphs of approximately 10 lines for each tip. This will give you 400 words. Your resource box is where you promote your offer or website. Be sure to include two links back to your website. One should be anchor text (hyperlinked text), the other your full website address.

Promote your content

To maximize the effectiveness of your article first place it on your website or blog then submit it to the top article directories and social media websites. Placing it first on your website means this web page will appear first in the search engines ahead of other web properties where you’ve published the same article.

If you want to get more traffic rewrite the article from another angle using a different headline but target the same keyword. Now you have another unique article that will also attract its own stream of traffic. Make sure you include links back to your website within the resource box . Use this article to submit to the top article directories such as Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Ideamarketers. These directories receive millions of visitors plus get visited by search engines every day. Traffic to your website will increase in proportion to the quality and quantity of articles you submit.

Notify your niche community using social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your Blog, whenever you have new content to publish. Place social bookmarking icons on your blog for visitors to easily bookmark your content. Build your community of subscribers by regularly offering them a newsletter.

Make a schedule to write and publish new content every few days or every day if you can handle it. View web content development and article marketing as free advertising for your website. It’s more effective than paid advertising because your content keeps working for you 24/7 throughout the year.

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