How to Write a 300 Word Article in 30 Minutes or Less

300 word article
To make article marketing work you need to write lots of articles quickly. The days of just writing one article, publishing it and receiving a torrent of traffic are gone. Now there is lots of competition. Site owners realize that article marketing works so many are using that strategy to market their web sites.

In order to stand out from your competition you need to work harder and be creative. This means writing faster to produce more content, publishing it though different channels and repurposing it for audio and video distribution.

Here are the steps to write a 300 word article in 30 minutes or less

1. Pick a topic

This should be a topic you are very familiar with. A topic that requires research is not going to get completed in 30 minutes.

2. Record your time

Write down the current time on paper before you start writing. Alternatively you can use an online stop watch (Google it to find the address) or an egg timer. This helps focus your mind.

3. Eliminate distractions

It’s difficult to focus if your mind is constantly distracted by other things demanding your attention so don’t respond to emails, answer the phone or do other tasks. It will help get you into your writing zone.

4. Let your writing flow

Just start writing without worrying about correct punctuation, spelling or grammar mistakes. This allows your thoughts to flow freely from your mind. Only stop when you’ve run out of ideas. Some ideas can be used to generate their own articles so jot them down so you remember to go back to them.

5. Edit your article

Correct your article only after you’ve finished writing it. After proofreading and correcting obvious errors let it sit for a few hours then review it again. You’ll view it from a fresh prespective and improve it’s quality.

Your first few articles may take longer than 30 minutes but with practice you’ll be able to write your articles faster and easier. Those of you who are speed typists may be able to write your content under 30 minutes.

This article took exactly 30 minutes to write.
Now take action and write your own.

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