How To Grow Your YouTube Channel FAST

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Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day and YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. So if you want to generate traffic to your product or business FAST you definitely should be using YouTube.

Here are 16 quick tips on how to grow your YouTube Channel FAST

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1. Be passionate about your niche
If you’re not excited about the niche that you’re making videos for you’ll soon lose interest and motivation. Sometimes you won’t feel like making new videos so choose a niche that sustains your interest.

2. Create a list of video topics your audience wants to watch
One way to find out what your audience likes is to use the auto-suggest feature from YouTube or Google. When you begin typing a keyword into the search box Google will give you a bunch of suggestions.

3. Set a goal for your channel
Setting a goal for your channel will get you to where you want to go. For example if your goal is to get 10000 subscribers to your channel by the end of the year, then make a plan to upload videos on a regular basis.

4. Create a series of videos around one topic
For example if your seed keyword is dog training, then create
a series of videos that are related to dog training.

4. Create playlists containing related videos
For example a sub topic of dog training may be “how to stop your dog from biting” Place all the videos related to this topic in a playlist so that viewers will continue watching several videos in a row. YouTube rewards videos with high session time which means better rankings.

5. Create engaging videos
YouTube rewards videos that have a high retention rate which means that viewers watch the video all the way through. Therefore create high quality content that people want to watch. Also try to break up the video by using graphics, music and transitions. Adding these elements will help keep the attention of your viewers.

6. Add a strong call to action
If you want to get viewers to subscribe, add an end screen annotation. Don’t just tell viewers to subscribe but give them a reason why they should subscribe.

7. Optimize your videos for search
If you want your videos to be discovered in YouTube or Google search, then make sure you include your main keywords in the title, description and tags. Also upload a transcription of your video content so people who can’t hear or understand what you are saying will be able to grasp your content.

8. Get viewers to watch related videos
YouTube rewards channels where viewers continue watching more of your videos. Therefore add an end screen or annotation that redirects viewers to watch related videos on your channel.

9. Brand your channel
Add a channel banner so it makes it easy for visitors to understand what your channel is all about. Include a description on your about page that encapsulates the content of your entire channel. Also include links on your channel banner that link to your social media sites or your website so people know how to get in touch with you.

10. Organize your channel home page
Organize the different topics or playlists on your channel home page by putting them into sections. This makes it easy for visitors to find more content that they may be interested in.

11. Brand your thumbnails
YouTube displays a thumbnail of your video in the search results. Visitors are more likely to click on an image than a text link. To make your thumbnail stand out from all the other thumbnails on the page include an image of your face or include unique graphics and colors that resemble your channel.

12. Build a community
Your YouTube channel will thrive if you engage with the subscribers and visitors of your channel. Therefore respond to comments by answering questions and referring to other videos that they may be interested in.

13. Promote your videos
Every time you upload a new video make sure you share it on your social media sites, upload it to your own website and also notify your email list of subscribers. You can also extend your audience by re-purposing your video content. For example you can transcribe your video convert it into a PDF file and then upload it to document sharing sites.

14. Be consistent
The more videos you upload the more views and subscribers you’ll receive. Try to keep to a schedule to upload a new video at least once every week. This will motivate subscribers to keep returning to your channel on a regular basis to watch the new content that you’ve produced.

15. Track the performance of your videos
Visit youtube analytics to monitor the retention rate of your videos. If you see that viewers are dropping off at the beginning of your videos, then make your future videos more engaging.

Bonus Tip
You gotta have fun

Have fun by creating videos on topics that you and your audience care about. Experiment with different elements in your videos such as graphics, music and, transitions to improve engagement. You’ll also make many new friends along the way as you engage with your audience.

Let me know in the comments below one of your best
tips that have contributed to the growth of your YouTube channel.

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