The Biggest YouTube Marketing Mistake (and how to avoid it)

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube Channel?
Do you want to get more views and subscribers?

In the video below you’ll discover the biggest marketing
mistake most beginner YouTubers make and learn several ways to avoid it.

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One of the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed with beginner YouTubers is that they haven’t clearly defined the purpose bi their channel.

They film a video, cupload it to YouTube and hope it gets thousands of views. When it receives little or no Iviews they get discouraged and give up or say YouTube doesn’t work as a vehicle for driving traffic to your business.

This is absolutely untrue.

My Story

I’ve been creating and uploading videos to YouTube for several years. The result is that videos I uploaded years ago still help build my list and generate sales on autopilot. That means you do the work once and get paid over and over for years to come. I’ve also helped many people build andv grow their channels from all different niches|

Here’s how YouTube can work for you…

1. Traffic generating machine
YouTube is a traffic generating machine. Over 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. If you know how to tap into that traffic you’ll be able to market your products and services successfully.

2. Search engine
YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Net after Google and it’s owned by Google. That means if people are searching online for answers or solutions to a problem in your market, then YouTube marketing will help you build your list and your business.

The key is to optimize your videos correctly so they automatically attract viewers into your marketing funnel. This will then build your list, generate new leads and gain new customers.

3. Converts views into customers
The primary purpose of your YouTube videos is not to get views. You may get 1000s of views but if they don’t convert them into new leads and customers then you’ll never grow your business.

The primary purpose of your YouTube videos is drive viewers into your marketing funnel so you can build your list and recommend people to purchase your products and services.

What does success on YouTube look like?

The true measure of your success on YouTube should be measured by how many leads and sales your videos generate not by how many views your videos get.

You don’t have to necessarily upload a ton of videos or get 1000s of views. The average YouTube video gets less than 100 views. For example I have several videos I uploaded several years ago that continually generate traffic, leads and sales. People constantly find them by entering their keyword phrase in the search engines.

I have other videos that continually promote my own products, service and affiliate products.

Here’s how to clearly define the purpose of your channel
Ask yourself these questions…

  • What products and/or services do you wish to sell?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problems do they have that I have solutions for?
  • If I was a viewer would I be compelled to watch my video until the end?
  • Would I want to share this video with my friends on social media?
  • Would I be motivated to join my list and/or purchase my product or service?

Here’s how to create rengaging videos

If you answered “no” to the 3 previous questions then create videos that engage your audience from the beginning.

Grab your viewers attention in the first 10 seconds of your video by promising a benefit (your viewer is thinking “what’s in it for me?”) This will compel them to continue watching the video so they can receive the benefit you promised.

You should also outline the benefits of sharing the video with their friends, joining your list and subscribing to your channel.

Make use of strong calls-to-action that tell your viewers what you want them to do, how to do it, and make it easy for them to do it. For example, if you want them to join your list say something like “Click the card icon to download my video upload checklist, you’ll learn the 10 things you need to do before going live on YouTube.”

Here are some important things to keep in mind

YouTube Marketing is a marathon not a sprint.
For example your first few videos may only get a few views because you haven’t built up an audience yet. As you create and upload more videos, they’ll get found in the search engines and your traffic will begin to snowball.

Be consistent
The key is to be upload new videos on a consistent schedule that addresses the problems, needs and desires of your target audience.

Create evergreen content
Create videos with content that you know will never go out of date. If these videos rank on the first page of YouTube and/or Google they will generate traffic, leads and sales, 24/7 for years to come (without paying any employees).

Let me ask you an important question
What’s the purpose of your YouTube Channel?
Post your answer in the comments below.
I’d love to read them and others would too.

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