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Thrive Leads Review

Discover how you can build mailing faster than ever before and get traffic on tap.
Learn why building your list is the most valuable and profitable leverage point in your online business.

Here are 2 well known facts about marketing:

1. On average 50-80% of new visitors to a website will leave and never return.
2. It takes an average of 7 exposures or interactions before a purchase decision is finally made. Taken together these 2 factors don’t paint a pretty picture.

On the one hand it’s crucial to get repeat interactions with visitors but on the other hand most of them never return for a second visit let alone a 7th one. This is why building a mailing list is not just optional. It’s essential especially if your business falls into one of these 3 categories.

1. You sell something on your website either yourself or as an affiliate.
2. Your business model relies on getting traffic.
3. You have more than 1 product to sell either yourself or as an affiliate.

For most businesses a mailing list is by far the most powerful source of profit because it is the key to repeat visitors and relationship building. And that is why Thrive Leads was created.

What is Thrive Leads?

Watch the demo video below….

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Thrive Leads is a WordPress Plugin that turns your website into a lead generation machine so you can benefit from the power of a mailing list but Thrive Leads is not just about building your mailing list…it’s about building your mailing list faster and that is an important distinction.

There are already many ways to start collecting email addresses but knowing the facts and realizing just how important a mailing list is, you’ll agree that just adding a few sign up forms to your site and calling it a day would be incredibly wasteful. This is why Thrive Leads incorporates the best conversion and list building strategies built into one plugin.

Here are some highlights of the Thrive Leads WordPress Plugin:

  • With Thrive Leads you finally get one single plugin for all your list building needs.
  • You can use it to create pop-up light boxes, use it to create slide in forms that slide in from the edge of the screen or use it to insert forms anywhere inside your content or at the bottom of your posts.
  • Use it to insert forms in any widget area on your site such as a sidebar.
  • You can also create 2 step opt-in links that open the light box on click and you can add ribbon forms to your site.
  • Choose from dozens of professionally designed and conversion optimized templates and use the intuitive editor to change the text, add your own images, choose custom colors and edit anything to your hearts content.
  • Thrive Leads forms are compatible with all major autoresponder services and even support advanced lead generation with multiple fields, check boxes, radio buttons and drop down menus.

But Thrive Leads doesn’t just give you all these options. It also gives you a convenient way to use them to your full advantage. Remember it is about building your list faster.

  • Thrive Leads comes with the most powerful A/B Testing Engine ever to be included in a WordPress plugin.
  • Once you’ve created an optin form you can instantly create a duplicate of it with just one click then make a few changes to the text or design of the form using the visual editor.
  • You can easily create one or several variations of your opt-in form in just a few minutes and then test them against each other to find the one that leads to the highest conversion rate.
  • You can even set Thrive Leads to automatically eliminate the losing variations and display only the highest converting variation once enough data has been gathered. You just start the test and the plugin will handle the rest. No further input is required.

But it doesn’t end there..

  • Testing different designs is just scratching the surface of the Thrive Leads Conversion features. You can just as easily test different opt-in triggers against each other and customize exactly when and how your form should appear.
  • Also should the form appear instantly or should it animate into view? With Thrive Leads you can test these and other triggers against each other to further boost your conversion rate.
  • You can even test entirely different opt-in form types against each other..something that used to be technically difficult and costly.
  • For example test a pop-up light box against a slide in form or test a sidebar widget against a ribbon or any other type of form you can think of.
  • With Thrive Leads you can also take testing to the next level and test entirely different offers against each other.
  • You can connect different test variations to different mailing lists and different follow-up sequences to find out which one yields the best results for your business.

The bottom line is Thrive Leads gives you testing capabilities far beyond any other opt-in software and A/B testing is the fastest way to double or triple your conversion rates and accelerate your list growth. And the conversion features don’t end there.

One of the most powerful ways to increase your conversion rates is by making your offers more relevant.

  • Thrive Leads includes smart targeting features to implement this strategy.
  • With Thrive Leads you easily create a catch all offer that shows across your entire website but you can also create specific designs for specific opt-in forms to show based on advance targeting rules including targeting by categories, tags, post formats and more.
  • With the targeting options you can create highly relevant offers to show to exactly the right segments of your audience at the right time and you can use this feature to create hyper-targeted and extremely profitable lists. This is a technique that marketing pros have been using for a long time. With Thrive Leads you can finally benefit from it as well without needing any coding skills or extremely expensive subscription services.
  • And of course everything you create with Thrive Leads is fully mobile responsive and looks great on any device and screen size.
  • You’ll also be able to keep track of exactly how your forms are performing using extensive reports and stats.
  • Thrive Leads also has an outstanding support team and a 30 day money back guarantee so you can start using Thrive Leads without any risk.

What it all comes down to is this…

A mailing list is simply the most valuable asset you can create for your online business. Nothing gives you on demand traffic and access to repeat customers like a list of email subscribers and Thrive Leads is simply the best most powerful way to turn your WordPress website into a highly effective list building machine.

So take this opportunity to get your copy of Thrive Leads
and start growing your mailing list faster than ever before.

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