Top 5 Reasons To Transcribe And Caption Your YouTube Videos

Do you want your YouTube Videos to stand
out from other videos in your niche?

Most YouTubers optimize their videos by including keywords in the title, description and tags. Search engines only crawl text, not images or audio therefore you should transcribe and caption your video content.

Top 5 Reasons To Transcribe And Caption Your YouTube Videos:

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1. Automatic captions are not indexed by Google or YouTube
YouTube’s automatic captioning feature is every inaccurate therefore it’s not indexed by Google. If you upload a transcript of the words spoken in your video then Google will index it and it will help the rankings of your video.

2. Increase engagement
Many times viewers can’t understand what you’re saying in your video because you’re speaking too fast or perhaps you have an accent. Adding captions to your videos will enable viewers to read what you have to say and increase engagement. This will result in more likes, shares and comments than videos without captions.

3. Improve accessibility
By captioning your videos people who are deaf or hard of hearing will be able to read what you have to say. Captions also allow people to watch your videos in a noisy or quiet environment such as a library where they have the sound muted.

4. Increase YouTube views
Since search engines only index the text in your videos make sure you include the main keywords in your video transcript. This will make it easier for Google and YouTube to discover your videos resulting in more views.

5. Reach non-English audiences
If you want your video to be accessible to viewers who don’t speak English, consider translating it into multiple languages. You can do this by using multilingual subtitles. Search engines will index your translated caption files and include your video in the search results for those languages. This means you have a better chance of ranking for non-English keywords due to lower competition.

Now you have no excuse for not adding transcripts and
captions to your YouTube videos.

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