Traffic Generation: Master One Method Before Mastering Another

Jim is a website owner and wants to get traffic to his website. He buys an ebook on how to get traffic with article marketing. He writes several articles and mass submits them to article directories expecting to get a lot of visitors and generate a few sales. He receives a trickle of traffic but makes no sales.

He purchases another ebook on video marketing. He creates a series of videos and uploads them to video sharing websites. After doing this for a few weeks he still doesn’t generate any sales.

Every time he sees a new program on generating traffic he buys it hoping this it will be the secret method(s) for attracting visitors to his website.

Are you in the same (or have you ever been) in the same boat as Jim?

Have you purchased different traffic generating programs but still didn’t get much traffic or make sales?

Why master one traffic generation method before mastering another

The process

Most people give up before investing enough time and effort into making a method work. It takes time to master anything. In the beginning you become familiar with the new method. As you apply yourself you will begin to get a trickle of traffic. Don’t stop there just because you’re not getting a huge number of visitors. You should apply yourself for at least 3 months to give the method time to produce results.

Let’s take article marketing since I mentioned it at the beginning.

Writing an article is easy if you follow a template but mastering it takes practice. As you write more articles you tap into the mind of your potential visitors to understand what problems they face. You then write articles that solve their problems. Over time you develop your own unique writing style that attracts people who love how you write.

Instead of mass submitting your articles to article directories (similar to spamming) you only submit to the top article directories in your niche. You then rewrite the article and offer to have it published in the top ezines. Alternatively offer to write a guest article for one of the top blogs in your niche.

As you can see mastering one traffic method requires patience for it to work effectively. Only after you’ve mastered one marketing method should you move on to another.

Master more than one traffic generation method

What if the method you’ve been using doesn’t work anymore? For example after the Panda Update (where Google lowered the rankings of sites containing thin content) Ezinearticles (one of the top article directories) lost a ton of traffic. This was because many articles on this directory did not contain valuable content.

If you only relied on article marketing, produced thin content and mass submitted your articles you may have experienced a dramatic drop in rankings. If you had mastered more than one method (ie video marketing) you wouldn’t have lost your rankings and traffic.

Stop buying programs that promise their traffic methods are the only key to success otherwise you’ll have many ways to get traffic but be a master of none. Instead master at least 3 traffic generation methods.

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  1. Would have to agree with your premise here. One my own site I realized something similar which is that it take TIME for something new to work and TIME for my to understand how to best optimize the technique. There is no quick fix to generate traffic.

    Also I agree with the point about multiple traffic sources. Most sites get the majority of their traffic from Google and when there is an algo change – watch out.

    Anyway – love the site – I’ve read quite a few posts.


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