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What you’ll learn in this mini video series:

Discover how to quickly uncover the correct keywords, easily optimize your videos, identify the content your audience is craving for, split test your thumbnails and track your rankings in the search engines

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Here's a summary of what you'll learn from each video:


video 1: keyword explorer tool

Learn how to uncover the correct keywords people are searching for on YouTube, so you can rank on the first page of  YouTube's search results. Get lots of relevant video topic ideas and reverse engineer your competitors videos to see what topics generate the most traffic.


video 2: click magnet tool

Quickly identify what content your audience is craving and learn what style of thumbnails will drive the most clicks. Learn which videos gain the highest Click Through Rate so you make more of these types of videos to get more views.


video 3: seo studio tool

Build the perfect searchable Title, Description 
and Tags for your video, so they'll rank in the search engines. When these 3 contain the most relevant keywords that match the content in your video, it will be promoted by YouTube.


video 5: search rank tracking tool

Track the rankings of up to 50 keyword phrases in YouTube Search and Google Search to monitor the performance of your YouTube videos.


video 4: A/B split testing tool

Split test 2 different thumbnails to see one drives the most clicks & views to your videos. A high click through rate  and high watch time will increase the probability of your videos getting recommended by YouTube.

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