Twitter – Top 7 Ways to Generate More Web Traffic

I’m always on the look out for new strategies to generate more traffic but often view new tools with quiet skepticism until I actually try them out and gain some success. I’ve begun using Twitter on an almost daily basis now and am convinced it’s a useful addition to my marketing arsenal.

Top 7 Strategies to Generate More Traffic With Twitter

1. Create a twitter account within your EzineArticles profile

EzineArticles now has the ability to automatically syndicate your article to your Twitter account within 140 characters. Every time you submit a new article your followers will see it and can respond to it.

2. Provide sweet morsels of information to your followers

People following you on Twitter are probably interested in nuggets of information they can use immediately. Provide a quick tip to help them grow their business.

3. Start conversations

Twitter is an excellent communication medium that allows you to reply directly to someone in your niche you are following. The replies are often faster than communicating with them by email.

4. Create joint ventures with online Gurus

It’s often difficult to get an email response from online Gurus however if you follow and engage them in conversation on Twitter you have a better chance of doing a joint venture with them. The key is to build a relationship with them first and have a great product that is in high demand.

5. Build a community

Building a community means following and communicating with people in your niche and attracting others that want to follow you. People with the same interests want to gather together to share information. Your community will help you build your business instead of trying to figure out everything on your own.

6. Include links to your favorite resources

Twitter allows you to include links to your blog posts, web site or others sites. Long urls are automatically shortened. This means you can send people to a favorite article by creating an attractive headline within 140 characters then include the link to the rest of the article (or blog post).

7. Research tool

You can enter a keyword in the search box at and it will return a list of Twitter sites related to your search. You can also search on a Twitter username and it will return tweets (twitter messages) for that name.


Attract more followers to your Twitter account by notifying your newsletter subscribers, placing a link on your blog, social marketing sites and email messages. If you take action on all the points mentioned above you’ll build a steady flow of traffic to your web site.

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  1. This is a great starter guide and outline of “twitter how-to’s” that I will keep sharing!

    One thing that’s also worth mentioning is the importance of branding here – whether the account is for an individual or a company – looks matter!

    Matching your main website color scheme and imagery with your twitter account and having a clearly defined description with link back to your original website is crucial! (Plus, don’t miss out on the key words for Google opportunity in your profile description!)

    Consistency breeds trust and if followers of your brand on your website link to your twitter page, they will be much more likely to “follow” you should it have the same brand identity as your website.

    Unfortunately, people online and offline care how things look 😉 Spend the time sprucing it up!


    p.s. Twitter Habit to Keep: When new followers find you, respond to them with a welcome message via “direct message” including your main website link to make sure they see all info that you offer – and optimize on this web traffic opportunity!

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