Video Landing Page Benefits – Top 7

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The main purpose of a landing page is to attract attention and get the visitor to purchase your product or subscribe to your opt in form. The disadvantage of written content is that it only appeals to people that wish to read web copy. It’s easy for the visitor to get bored and doesn’t engage the senses unless you hire an expensive copywriter. Many people don’t bother to read a long sales page and quickly leave because they become are uninterested.

Top 7 Benefits of a Video Landing Page

1. Engages the senses

Every person has 5 physical senses… taste, touch, see, smell, and hear. With video you can create a movie that includes sound as well as words. It engages more of the 5 senses than a web page that simply contains written content.

2. Easy to produce

It may take several days to craft a well written sales page that engages readers. You could create a video sales page within a few hours by simply speaking your content in front of a video camera then editing the content a little to make it flow smoothly.

3. Inexpensive

A professional copywriter can cost you thousands of dollars to create a well written sales page that converts visitors into buyers or subscribers. A video sales page won’t cost you anything (only time) if you do it yourself and use your own video camera.

4. Save space

Video can take the place of long web copy. Instead of writing sales copy several pages long, replace it with a video at the top of your web page, followed by your main headline and an opt-in box. The beauty of this strategy is that it’s easy to include everything “above the fold” ….. top of the computer screen. Long sales copy means your visitor has to continuously scroll down the page to read all the content.

5. Increase conversion rate

Because videos engage more of the physical senses than text-based content you can achieve higher conversion rates. Of course this depends on the quality of your video however the quality will improve as you create more videos.

6. Accessibility

With the advent of smart phones, tablets and iPods people can view your video from any location or when they’re on the go. The same can be achieved with text-based content however it is not as engaging or appealing.

7. Attract a wide audience

Instead of just appealing to text-based learners a video will also appeal to visual-based learners enabling you to reach a wider audience and attract more visitors into your sales funnel.


Control sales process

Most people skim through the content of a sales page because they don’t want to read every word. This lessens your chances of making the sale or getting a new subscriber. On the other hand when a person watches a video they’ll often stay to the end because it engages more of their senses. By hearing and viewing your whole sales presentation you stand a better chance of generating sales or obtaining new subscribers.

Try using video in your landing pages so you can attract a wider audience than text-based content and watch your conversions increase.

Landing Page Examples

Video Landing Page
Squeeze Page
Ebook Sales Page
Custom Landing Page Design


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