Video Marketing Strategy – How to Achieve Top Rankings and Enjoy More Traffic

When it comes to traffic generation strategies many people forget to create a specific plan of action. Instead they quickly try to implement a multitude of techniques then give up because they did not produce the desired results..lots of traffic.

Why video marketing?

* Using videos is a powerful strategy to boost traffic because it engages your customers’ senses more than just reading text. With video you can include animation, sound and text.

* Your videos can be submitted to multiple video sharing sites simultaneously. This expands the reach of your audience because each video sharing site attracts different kinds of people.

How to create a video marketing strategy:

1. Create a list of keywords that you wish to target

Generate your keyword list by entering your main keyword in the free WordTracker tool. Select keywords that you can easily write articles about.

2. Write an article for each keyword

Once you start writing an article targeting a specific keyword you’ll discover other ideas that can be used as article subtopics. You can often produce several articles from one topic.

3. Create a video slide show for each article

By first writing the article you have done most of the hard work. Now convert the article to video by creating a slide show of it. This can be achieved by creating slide images in Microsoft Paint or other graphics software then importing the images into Windows Movie Maker.

Create a template that you can use for each slide then modify the text when creating a new slide. Display the full web site address in your last slide (or every slide) to direct visitors to the product or service on your web site.

4. Write an optimized description and optimize your tags

Before uploading your video write an attractive description that tells your visitors what to expect by emphasizing the benefits. Include your main keyword(s) in the description and tags. Remember to also include your full web site address within the description so it will become a live link live after uploading your video.

5. Upload your video to major video sharing sites

Here are the top 10 video sharing websites:

Google Video
Yahoo! Video

6. Monitor your rankings and traffic

Check your site stats after a few days. You should see an increase in visitors to your web site as a result of your video submissions. Enter your keyword with quotations around it (ie “keyword”) in the Google search box to monitor your rankings. If it’s not a very competitive term you may achieve top rankings for it. If it’s very competitive you’ll need to create and submit lots more content.

7. Be consistent

Don’t expect to get top rankings with one video. The key to a successful video marketing strategy is to do it consistently. Make a goal to at least create and upload one video per week for the next 3 months. When you see the spectacular results from your marketing efforts you’ll be inspired to produce more videos in a shorter period of time.

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