Video Marketing Traffic – How to Attract a Wide Audience

Traffic is the life-blood for your web site. There are 100s of different methods to generate web traffic however video marketing has become one of the fastest and most productive ways that appeal to a large audience.

Traditionally content on the web is text driven however not all people learn by reading. Some of the limitations of reading text online include:

1. Difficult to read text on a screen

People mostly scan text when reading it online because their eyes get tired if they’re reading every word.

2. Doesn’t engage all the senses

People need to read the material to digest it. It doesn’t engage all the senses unlike video which can utilize moving images, sound and text.

3. Takes a lot of time to create text-driven content

It takes many hours to create a long sales letter that converts visitors into buyers. It takes much less time to create a video sales letter.

How to generate video traffic

1. Use a video or digital camera

If you’re just getting started create a short movie of yourself (or a friend) talking about the benefits of your product or service. Write a short script. This will help you avoid making mistakes ie using filler words such as ah, like, mmm.

2. Use windows movie maker and Microsoft paint if you don’t have a camera

This software is included on all Windows computers so you can even create movies for free. Create slide images in Microsoft Paint, import them into Windows Movie Maker then save the movie as a .mov file.

3. Upload your video

Open an account on YouTube. Create an attractive title and description for your video then enter the keywords that describe your video content in the tags. Upload your video file. It may take several minutes or sometimes hours depending on how busy YouTube servers are.

4. Promote your video

Create an account on TubeMogul. This is a video sharing site that enables you to upload your video to many sites at the same time. This increases your chances of generating more traffic because more people will see it. You also receive backlinks from each site which helps boost your search engine rankings.

Here are 3 other ways you can market your video:

*Write an article on the video content then submit it to article directories.
*Write a post about it on your blog
*Embed the video on your web site by copying the code from YouTube

The key to successful video marketing traffic is to create new videos on a consistent basis then and upload them to multiple video sharing web sites. Monitor the effectiveness of your videos by analyzing your web site statistics. Over time you will see a constant increase in the number of visitors coming to your web site.

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