Video Your Articles and Dominate Your Niche -Part 2

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6. Easy to distribute

Article directories provide an easy way to publish your content. If you want to submit your article to 1000s of directories at the same time you can use article submission software. (I prefer submitting manually to the top 5 directories).

There is also video submission software that can quickly and easily publish your videos to multiple web sites at the same time. Often your videos will appear at the top of the search engine results pages.

Here are a couple of resources: – free video sharing site

EasyPushButtonTraffic – paid video sharing site

7. Stay ahead of your competition

If you want to outrank your competition in the search engines you need to create a marketing plan that will enable you to consistently produce both text and video articles. Every time you write an article create a video article also.

Most of your competitors won’t have a marketing plan that includes video articles. This means you can easily dominate your niche by achieving the top rankings for your main keywords. Top rankings means more people will visit your web site and purchase your products.

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