Web Content – Duplicate vs Unique Content

The search engines are getting more sophisticated
with their algorithims because they want to return the
best results possible to people searching for information.

If I don’t find what I am looking for on the first page of the search
engine results, I’ll usually search the second and even third pages
or even try a different search engine (I usually use Google).

The problem of duplicate web content

Site owners are constantly looking for content to add to
their web sites, blogs and newsletters. They often don’t have
the time or knowledge to write it themselves and therefore will
find content that is already written for them.

The problem for the search engines is that it clogs up searches.
I don’t want to see the same information displayed in the top 10
sites on the first page of search engine results.

What does this mean for you and your web site?

Create your own unique web content.

Uniquely written web content will always give you better rankings
than content you have extracted elsewhere. If you write an article,
first place it on your own site, then wait for a few days before
submitting it to article directories.

This will allow your article to be indexed and ranked first by
the search engines. If you submit it to an article directory
first, the article directory page will outrank the article you
added to your own web page.

As more duplicate content appears on the Web, unique
web content will always do well, because it’s what people want.


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