Web Content Management Systems – Options

If you need a large site that can be easily updated from any location, has internet access and needs more than one author, choose one of the many web content management systems (CMS). In my previous article I discussed 7 major benefits of a CMS and what to look for when considering building one.

Your options will depend on the purpose of your site and how complex it needs to be.

Here are the pros and cons for different web content management systems:

1. Purchase CMS software


This is for a large site that is customized for your business and where you can expect a lot of support. The owners test the software keep it updated often add new features.


Expensive. Expect to pay thousands of dollars. Often they charge an hourly fee if you need tech support. If the owners discontinue the software, you may be left with no support.

2. Open Source


– Open source software is usually free or is inexpensive.
– Community of users. This means the software is regularly tested and constantly improved because there is such a large number
of people involved in its development.


If you don’t have the technical skills to install, set-up and configure the software for your business you will need to hire a web
developer to do the work for you. In this case you will need to spend some money.

3. Hire a Web Developer


– Your web developer may already have a content management system that they use. The CMS can then be adapted to suit the
needs of the customer. You can also rely on continuous support from your developer.

– Takes less time to build. You will greatly benefit from developer’s experience because he is an expert in his field.


Can be expensive. Depending on the complexity of your content management system, expect to pay anywhere from several
hundred dollars to serveral thousands of dollars.

Which option is best?

If you are very familiar with all the technical aspects of developing a CMS system, then select an open source solution and build it

If you have no technical expertise, then hire a web developer. The intitial costs of your CMS will easily be covered because you will get it built quickly plus have the necessary support when you need it.

My next article will discuss some different web content management systems.

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