Web Traffic Conversion – 4 Tips For Converting Traffic Into Sales

If you’re a website owner you need to generate traffic if you want to make sales or get new subscribers. However this is only a small part of the sales process. Even if you manage to attract thousands of visitors to your website there’s no guarantee they will buy or subscribe. That means you have a web traffic conversion problem

Here are 4 main factors to consider for converting web traffic into sales:

1. Know your ideal customer

If you don’t know anything about your customers it would be similar to throwing mud at a wall hoping in would stick. Some if it will but most wouldn’t. It’s the same with marketing. For example if your product mostly appeals to fitness fanatics and you try to sell it to everyone you’re wasting time and money.

One great resource you can use to profile your website visitors is: http://www.quantcast.com It measures traffic, demographics, business, lifestyle, interests and more. To see an example visit: http://www.quantcast.com/boingboing.net

2. Know your message

Most home pages on the Net don’t contain web copy that captivates the reader’s attention. Often you read “Welcome to this website” followed by corporate speak (ie “we are the best company to do business with, etc”) or some other impersonal message.

When a person first visits your website they ask themselves “what’s in it for me and why should I do business with you?” If you don’t emphasize the benefits and features of your product or service up front they’ll lose interest and go elsewhere. Make sure you mention benefits and features in the first few paragraphs of your home page.

3. Identify your marketing tactics

There are 100s of ways to market your product or website however unless you identify where your audience is hanging out online you will be wasting a lot of time and money. Avoid using tactics that don’t target your ideal customers.

For instance your customers are probably using one or more of the BIG 5 social media properties such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+. If you spend most of your time on Facebook but none of your customers are using it you’re just wasting time and energy. Only focus on the tactics your customer is using.

4. Utilize integrated marketing

Some people prefer to watch and listen rather than read your content. Also many folks are busy and multi-tasking so they want to be able to access content from anywhere at anytime via smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. Integrated marketing means you take one piece of content and re-purpose it into a video, podcast, ebook, report, teleseminar or blog post. This integrated approach helps get your message across to more people thus strengthening your message and boosting potential sales.

So before you begin marketing your website place yourself in your customers shoes so you think from their perspective rather than your own then craft a message that captivates their attention. If you do this on a consistent basis you’ll convert more of the your generated traffic into sales and stop wasting time on marketing tactics that don’t work.

Video on Web Traffic Conversion Tips

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