Website Google Ranking: 2 most common factors to improve your rankings

So you’ve built your website and want to drive traffic to it from the search engines. You can’t expect your site to be seen on the Net if it is not optimized for the major search engines and have no links pointing to it from other websites.

Let’s look at the 2 most common factors that will improve your website google ranking:

1. On-page optimization

This refers to all the elements within your web pages that enable them to be spidered by the search engines. Here’s what you need to do:

Create a tightly themed website

Google loves sites with content focused on a specific theme. The tighter the theme the better off you are. This is because they want searches to find the most relevant information possible. For example if your main theme is camping a more tightly focused theme would be “camping for teenagers.”

Avoid including subjects that are unrelated to your theme. Consider creating different sections of your website if you have several sub themes.

Website navigation
Access to information should only be 3 clicks away. Make sure all your pages are linked to each other and avoid using images for navigation links because images are not spidered by the search engines. Create text links using CSS (cascading style sheets).

Website structure
Include keywords related to your niche in your title, description and keyword meta tags. Weave keywords into your h1 (titles) and h2, h3 tags (subtitles) and throughout your content. Use anchor text to link content from one page to another. Use the alt tag to describe your images. Make sure the description relates to the image.

2. Off-page optimization

This refers to all the factors that help increase your search engines rankings from other websites.

Incoming links
Both the quantity and quality of links from other sites will affect your rankings. For example a site that has links from high traffic directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Business, will rank higher and faster than links from low traffic sites. Try to get lots of high quality links so you can outrank your competitors.

Make use of social media sites to quickly and easily distribute your content. If you provide valuable content that solves peoples’ questions it will get passed around the Net like a flu virus thus generating lots of new traffic to your website.

Ideally a new website should be optimized for the search engines before it is completed. This saves time and money re-optimizing it after it has been built. Established websites that have already taken care of on-page optimization factors should continually work on off page optimization ie build incoming links to all pages of the site. This helps them to maintain and/or improve their Google ranking and stay ahead of competing sites.

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