Why Is Your YouTube Channel Not Getting Subscribers?

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel?

Have people stopped subscribing or are you only getting a few subscribers per day? In the video below, you’ll learn 10 ways how to get more subscribers to your channel and videos.

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1. Think like a fan

Ask yourself, why do you subscribe to a channel? Is it because you want to learn something or perhaps you want to be entertained?

When I didn’t know how to change the headlight bulb to my Toyota, I went to YouTube to look for a tutorial. It saved me a bunch of money.

I get excited when I watch surfing videos
because it reminds me of my surfing days.

2. Channel niche is not focused

If your content is all over the place, it might be difficult for a viewer to understand what your channel is all about. Therefore, instead of trying to cover different niches, try to focus on one specific area. For example, if your niche is about training dogs, you might want to focus on one specific breed.

3. Create content viewers want to watch

If a person is struggling with a particular problem and you offer solution, they’re going to become one of your biggest fans. If you create multiple videos that solve different problems, you’ll get a wide range of fans. Just make sure that you hook your viewers in the first 10 or 15 seconds. You can do this by asking a question or stating upfront what the video is all about.

If you put yourself in your viewer’s shoes then you have to think, why would I take time out of my day to watch this video?

4. Brand your channel

This means that your thumbnails, channel banner, and channel homepage should all be congruent. I’ve discovered that my newly published videos get more views from the channel homepage than from the video watch page. Therefore, it’s crucial that the channel art on your channel homepage is attractive to first-time viewers. If the channel art and content is aligned with what the viewer is looking for, they’ll become a subscriber.

5. Optimize title, description, and tags

Your title, description, and tags must align with the thumbnail. I would say that the thumbnail and title are the two most important elements because if nobody clicks on your thumbnail, they’re not going to get to your video. If the title doesn’t resonate with your viewer, they’re also not going to watch the video. Make sure that your title contains the main keywords that you want your video to rank for.

As you get more videos that rank in the search engines, you’ll get more views and subscribers. The beauty of getting your videos ranked is that they’ll be working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years to come. The result is that you get a consistent flow of views and subscribers to your channel.

An extremely useful tool to find the right keywords for your title, description, and tags is TubeBuddy.

6. Multiple call-to-actions

It’s not enough to hope people will subscribe without asking for it. I recommend asking people to subscribe at the beginning of your video after the intro and also at the end of the video. Instead of telling them to subscribe, give them reason why they should subscribe. You can reinforce your invitation by using subscribe graphics in your video. YouTube automatically adds a subscribe button to your end screen.

Here are a few other places where you can ask people to subscribe.

  • Ask people to subscribe from your channel trailer.
  • Ask people to subscribe from your about page.
  • Ask people to subscribe in the description below your video.
  • Ask people to subscribe in your comments by pinning that comment to the top of your comments.
  • Ask people to subscribe from your website

7. Create multiple videos on similar topics

If someone’s watching a video on your channel that solves one of their problems, they probably want to know more. Therefore, create videos on similar topics so they can take a deep dive into the content. This will result in them spending more time in your channel and a greater opportunity for them to become a subscriber.

A great way to display your series of videos is to put them in a playlist. Add those playlists to the sections on your channel homepage. When a first-time visitor watches the content on your channel homepage, they’ll be more inclined to become a subscriber.

8. Engage with your audience

People like to associate with others that they know, like, and trust. When you reply to the comments left by viewers that have watched your videos, they’ll get to know you a little bit more. When you continue to reply to the same viewers that are watching multiple videos, they’ll become your subscriber.

9. Don’t worry about your competition

It’s very possible, there are many other channels that are targeting the same niche as yours. There’s probably going to be authority channels which are very large because they contain a ton of videos and they’re probably also getting a ton of views and subscribers. There will also be smaller channels that are growing steadily.

Instead of tagging the same keywords as your competitors, look for longtail keywords that are less competitive. They’ll get less traffic but they’ll be easier to rank for. As you create more videos that target these less competitive phrases, it will create a snowball effect, which will produce more views and subscribers to your channel.

10. Check analytics

Go into YouTube analytics and click on Audience Retention. If there are dips in the graph that means people are leaving your videos at those particular times. To prevent this from happening, you need to create engaging videos. Make sure your thumbnail is well-designed so you can get the first click and the title is optimized correctly with the right keywords.

You can also monitor where most of your subscribers are coming from. Just click the subscribers link in YouTube analytics. Then, click on the links to see which videos are bringing the most subscribers. If you notice specific topics are bringing you the most subscribers, then create similar videos to get even more subscribers.

If you continue to make incremental improvements for each video you upload, then your channel will continue to grow and you’ll get more subscribers.

Here’s an important thing to keep in mind..

Passion, persistence, and patience are the key factors for growing your channel. Channel growth doesn’t happen overnight but grows steadily as you invest more time and effort.

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  1. I like this article. Thanks for sharing this useful information. I have YouTube Chanel, but I have no more subscriber. So I read this articles and improve my subscriber.

  2. Currently, the biggest problem may be “trying-to-be-unique” with bad result, actually. Many YouTubers are trying to copy others work, but copies are usually worse and less interesting. Being creative and one of its kind may be the way to be successful! 🙂

  3. I like this article. Thanks for sharing this useful information. I have YouTube Chanel, but I have no more subscriber. So I read this articles and improve my subscriber.

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