Write an Article a Day – Top 7 Benefits

write an article a day
When you try to write an article a day it may seem like a huge hurdle to jump over but once you’ve accomplished that goal many opportunities open up to you.

Let me make an analogy.

The beginning of summer I could hardly swim a length before running out of breath. Every day I tried to swim a little further to build up my stamina. By the end of summer I could easily swim non-stop for 1 hour. I could even swim a whole length underwater in one breath.

The same applies to your article writing. You start by writing your first article then increase it to 3 articles per week until you can write one a day. You have to build up your article writing muscles.

7 Benefits of Writing an Article a Day

1. Create lots of content

You need content for your web site, blog, social media sites, ecourses, article directories, newsletters so you get reach more customers.

2. Build backlinks

You are allowed 2 links in the resource box of your article. The more articles you write the more backlinks you acquire.

3. Pre-sell your products

Articles place your customers in a buying mood because you help them make an informed decision. For instance if you write a review comparing different products it will help your client make the best selection.

4. Increase search engine rankings

If you write several articles about your product and include links to your product page it will boost its rankings. If the product page achieves a first page listing its traffic will increase and you’ll make more sales.

5. Expand your audience

As your articles get published all over the Web and if you continue to do this for several years, your customers will find you everywhere. By repurposing your articles into audio and video files you’ll reach people who prefer to access content in that format.

6. Improve your writing skills

To become excellent at anything you need to practice profusely. Writing an article a day will become quicker and easier as you practice more. You can extend your writing skills to include press releases, copy writing, creating sales pages or getting hired as a ghostwriter.

7. Become recognized as an expert in your niche

Writing an article every day enables you to create content for your own information products such as reports, ebooks, newsletters and membership sites. These products can be used to build your own information empire.

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