YouTube Bans Links In Shorts (HOW TO FIX IT)

The clickable links on all your YouTube shorts are being banned by YouTube from August 31st, 2023. That means Pinned Comments in YouTube Shorts or any other Shorts will no longer be clickable. It also means the clickable link in the shorts description or in the descriptions of any other Shorts videos will no longer be clickable.


Why is YouTube making this change which will affect millions of shorts videos that are already uploaded to YouTube? 

YouTube says it’s making this change to prevent users from being exposed to malware, phishing scams, and other harmful scam related content. Fortunately, the links in the descriptions and comments of your long form videos will still be clickable and remain unchanged.

In the video below, I’ll show you a solution to this change and how YouTube is introducing a new and safer way for creators to link their Shorts viewers to their other YouTube content.

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Which kinds of links are clickable on YouTube? 

  • Channel profile links
  • links placed in long form video comments and descriptions
  • links placed in YouTube live chat mentions
  • hashtags in Shorts comments and descriptions
  • YouTube shopping affiliate program links
  • Shorts green screen
  • Rimix attribution links.
    The only links which are non clickable are the links in Shorts comments and descriptions.

Warning from YouTube
You can’t create external links that sends users to websites containing featured content that violates YouTube’s external links policies. Click here to read YouTube’s external link policy..

Here are the current clickable links that you see on a Shorts video.

  • I’ve got my channel link…drostvideo
  • the subscribe button.
  • If I tap share, I can share the Shorts URL on my social media sites or copy the link.
  • If I tap remix, I can remix a long form video into a Short. An attribution link will appear
    on the Short that links back to the original video

Here are some ways to direct viewers from your Shorts to other YouTube content.

Reply to comments with a Short.
– Tap on the comments to select a comment to reply to
– Tap on the comment
– Tap on the shorts icon. Now I can read the comment that I wish to reply to.
– Tap record. “Thanks for this comment. I wish you the best of luck with your YouTube video.
– Tap the check mark.
Now you can preview what you said. When viewers watch your short, they can go back to the original video it’s attached to. 

Once a Shorts video reply is posted, it’ll appear as a reply in the comments.

What’s the goal of highlighting comments in Shorts?
“The goal is to provide a way for creators to invite their viewers to participate in their content.”

How To Create Shorts from your own long form videos.

  • Select one of the videos on your channel.
  • Tap the remix button, so you can edit into a short, use the sound from this video or cut the video by using a segment from the video or use a green screen as a background.
  • Keep in mind that the option to edit into a short is only available to you.
  • Tap edit into a short.
  • You can select 15 or 40 seconds..i selected 15 seconds
  • Tap next
  • Tap the back arrow.
    Now you can record a Short. So tap the record button. I’m recording a short, 
  • Tap the check icon. 
  • Tap Next
  • Add your title
  • Select visibility…public, private or unlisted
  • Tap upload short.

Now you’ll notice that if I tap the link on my Short “created from drostvideo”, it redirects to my original long form video.

How to cut a segment from any video on YouTube to make into Short.

  • Tap on the video
  • Tap remix.
  • I can use the sound from the video, cut it by using a segment from the video or use a video as a background. 
  • Tap cut.
  • I use up to 5 seconds.
  • Tap next.
  • Now I can record a 15 or 60 second shorts video. If I want  60 seconds Tap 15. I’m just gonna add 15, so I’m gonna tap 60. it goes back 15 seconds. Hey, I’m just adding another segment to this video.” 
  • Tap the check mark
  • Tap next
  • Add a title.
  • Select visibility…public
  • Tap upload short.
  • If I tap on the link “cut from parktool”, it redirects me back to the original video.

How to create content links in Shorts

YouTube is introducing a new and safer way for creators to direct Shorts viewers to other content on YouTube. When a viewer clicks on the content link in the shorts, it redirects them to the longer form content.

How to create channel profile links

Previously I mentioned channel profile links. Now you can showcase up to 14 links on your channel homepage, and the first link will be prominently displayed in the profile section next to the subscribe button. The remaining links will show when the viewer clicks to see more links.

Watch this video to learn how to create channel profile links that’ll replace the links that have been removed from your Channel Banner.

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