YouTube Interactive Cards Mobile-friendly annotations that increase viewer engagement

Finally…annotations called Cards will display on both mobile and desktop devices. This means you’ll be able increase the number of people watching and interacting with your videos. They’ll eventually replace regular YouTube annotations.

Watch the video below…

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So what are YouTube Interactive Cards?

YouTube Cards enable you to add an image, website URL, call to action and teaser text. This means more of your audience will easily be able to interact with your video which results in more subscribers, leads and sales.

Here’s how to create Cards on your YouTube videos:

  • Log into your YouTube channel
  • Click your profile icon
  • Click Creator Studio
  • Click video manager
  • Select the video that you wish to edit
  • Click edit
  • At the top of the page see a link called “Cards”
  • Click Cards
  • Click “Add Card”
  • I can choose associated website, fundraising, mechandise or link to a video or playlist
  • In this case I am going to link to an associated website
  • Click “Create”
  • Enter the URL of the external website associated with your channel
  • After you’ve put in the URL it automatically opens up a new window
  • Add a Title
  • Add a call to action. It says “this will also be used in the card teaser”
  • If I click “change” I can enter teaser text
  • So I’ve got my call to action “DOWNLOAD now”
  • I’ve got my teaser text “YouTube editing secrets”
  • I can also upload an image if I want
  • Click “create card”
  • The card will appear on the timeline and you can adjust it’s position whereever you want
  • You’ll notice a little i icon at the top right of your video
  • If you click on that then your card will slide out
  • If you click on the X it will go away

What if you want to add another Card?

  • If you want to add another card just click “Add Card”
  • In this case I’ll select a video or playlist
  • Click “Create Card”
  • Add your video or playlist URL
  • Click “create card”
  • Now I’ve got 2 cards
  • It’s better to keep them separate so I’ll slide one of these cards down the time line so it appears a few seconds later.
  • Check out the video
  • The first card appears within a few seconds
  • The second card appears after the first for a few seconds
  • If a viewer clicks on the teaser text link, the 2 cards will appear one on top of each other

That’s it!

Now you know how to create and add YouTube Cards that
will appear on both mobile and desktop devices.

Here are a few valuable tips to keep in mind…

1. You can add up to 5 cards on your YouTube video
2. You can edit the cards at anytime by clicking on
the “edit” icon under the Cards tab.
3. Your featured video or playlist will be hidden when you’re using cards.
4. Your subscribe logo or your channel logo will now appear at the bottom right of your video instead of the top right where it was before.

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