Top 4 YouTube Keyword Research Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Do you spend a lot of time making videos
that don’t generate any traffic?

If you target the wrong keywords then no one will find your videos on YouTube or Google. YouTube Keyword Research is the foundation for creating successful videos.

Here are the top 4 mistakes to avoid
when doing YouTube Keyword Research

1. Lack of market research
Many video marketers simply try to guess or imagine what content is good for their audience. They wonder why they’re not getting any traffic from their videos. Instead research the hot topics people are talking about in your niche.

2. Targeting keywords no one is searching for
Don’t waste time creating videos on content that no one is interested in. Instead use keyword research tools to discover the keywords people are searching for.

3. Targeting keywords that are too competitive
If the keyword you’re targeting has too much competition you may never generate traffic and leads from your video. Alternatively it may takes months to rank for that specific keyword..

Instead of targeting a single keyword generate a list of keyword phrases containing multiple keywords. These long tail keyword phrases have less competition and will be easier to rank for.

4. Lack of keywords used during video optimization
People will discover your videos based on search, suggested and recommended videos. Therefore you need to insert your keywords in all the right places when optimizing your videos.

The top 3 places to insert your keywords are the title, description and tags. Place your main keyword in your title but also include secondary keywords in your description and tags.

That’s it!
Now you know the top 4 mistakes to avoid
when doing YouTube Keyword Research

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