The 4 Most Important Rules Of YouTube Keyword Research

Did you know that targeting the right keywords in your
YouTube videos will result in free traffic?

If your video ranks on the first page of YouTube and/or
Google you’ll receive a continuous stream of free traffic.

Here are the 4 most important rules of YouTube Keyword Research:

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1. Discoverability
Maximize the number places where you can add your keywords. People will discover your videos based on search, suggested videos and recommended videos. The 3 most important places to add your keywords are the title, description and tags.

2. Only attract targeted viewers
Only use keywords that attract targeted viewers and are the easiest to rank for. For example if your niche is “dog training” don’t create a video on dog training because their will be too many competing videos. Instead go for a less competitive keyword phrase like “how to train your dog with hand signals

3. Don’t waste white space
Use every single character you have room for when writing your titles, descriptions and tags. Download my video upload checklist at the end of this video.

4. Bridge the gap
Look for ways to “bridge the gap” between high traffic keywords and your product. Look for the hottest topics people are talking about in your niche. For example if you’re in the fitness niche you can “bridge the gap” between dating and fitness.

That’s it!
Now you know the 4 most important rules of YouTube Keyword Research

Action Plan
Brainstorm 10 keyword phrases that relate to the single best marketing opportunity in your niche.

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