YouTube Marketing Strategies – 7 Ways to Increase YouTube Views

If you’re not currently using YouTube to market your products you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Online marketers know it’s easier to generate visitors to your product or service if you utilize the most popular web properties because they get the most traffic. YouTube receives over 3 billion views each day and is currently the second most popular search engine on the Net.

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Many online marketers simply upload their video to YouTube and hope they get some traffic. Without having a specific strategy you’re video is not going to rank well on YouTube or in the search engines and therefore won’t receive many views.

YouTube Marketing Strategies

1. Keyword research

Create a list of keywords or keyword phrases that receive 8000-1000 visitors per month then create a video for each keyword. It doesn’t have to be long…in fact short videos do better than long ones. Aim for a length of 1 to 3 minutes.

2. Keyword placement

The most important location for your main keyword is at the beginning of your title. This is what visitors will see first.

Include your main keyword at the beginning of your video description followed by your fill website address so visitors can immediately go to your site. Weave your keyword 3-4 times throughout your description.

Tags also help to optimize your video. Place approximately 15 related keywords in your tags.

Make sure you also mention your keyword within the video content.

3. Keep it short

People have short attention spans so keep your videos short. Offer a few helpful tips then redirect visitors to your sales page.

4. Upload a transcription of your video

Create a text file of what your saying in the video and upload it to YouTube. Their software will automatically display the text on the screen (below the video) while you are talking. Search engines are able to read text so this will help boost your video rankings.

5. Create a call to action overlay

YouTube marketers often make the mistake of not creating a call to action at the end of their video which results in lack of conversions. Tell visitors what to do and how to do it at the end of your video. For example say.. “to get more information on YouTube Marketing Strategies download my free report by clicking on the link below. Go ahead and do it now and I’ll see you over there.”

A great way to display your call to action is with an overlay. This displays a banner across the bottom of your video that redirects visitors to your website.

6. Create a video squeeze page

Send video visitors to a web squeeze page. A squeeze page is where a person receives a free report or software in exchange for their contact information.

Create a short video that plays automatically when people visit the squeeze page.Include the main benefits both in bullet points and in the video that plays automatically when visiting the page. Add an opt-in form to capture visitor’s contact information in exchange for your free report.

The best way to store and manage visitors email addresses is with a professional autoresponder service. It will enable you to automatically send a series of follow-up messages. This helps you to build a relationship with your customers and gives you an opportunity to recommend new products while they are on your list.

7. Video weekly

Make it a habit to create a short video every week. The quality will increase with practice, you’ll engage with your customers, build your list and sell more products.

Most of all, have fun!

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Instant Video Articles Review

Instant Video Articles Review

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