YouTube Suggested Shorts: How To Create A Viral Short Using AI

Samantha had been creating YouTube shorts for months, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get the views that she wanted.

She spent hours researching latest trends, perfecting her content, and optimizing her videos for SEO, but nothing seemed to work.

One day, Samantha stumbled upon an incredible way to make a viral shorts video using the Suggested Shorts AI tool from TubeBuddy.

It quickly identifies the most engaging parts of your long form video to make into a Shorts video, saving you a ton of time and guesswork.

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How to use the suggested Shorts AI tool:

  • Click on the Content tab in YouTube Studio.
  • Select a long-form video and click on the TubeBuddy tab.
  • Click on “Suggested Shorts” in the top right corner.
  • TubeBuddy suggests a 15-second segment with a 90.58 retention increase.

Creators are not limited to using footage from long-form videos and can create new shorts based on similar content.

  • Creators can use the same segment or select a different one from their long-form videos.

TubeBuddy suggests 3 other long-form videos with captivating segments that could be used to make Shorts.

  • The top video has a 90% retention increase, the second 68%, and the third 60%.

Use the top video’s suggested segment, which is from 2:59 to 3:14.

  • Creators can rescale their long-form videos to fit the recommended 1920 x 1280 pixel size.

Tips for creating viral shorts:

  • Use engaging parts of long-form videos or TubeBuddy’s suggested Shorts AI tool.
  • Create clickable tiles for shorts videos.
  • Use a strong hook in the first few seconds.
  • Use B-roll throughout the video.
  • Experiment with different lengths.
  • Select the best frame from the video as a custom thumbnail.

Watch this video for a step by step guide on how to create or change
a custom thumbnail for YouTube Shorts

If creators edit long-form videos into shorts using the YouTube app, a link will appear at the bottom of the video that directs viewers to the original video. Alternatively, creators can add a graphic in the comments that directs viewers to the long-form video.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to upload YouTube shorts from a PC.

Get My New Shorts Course: Mastering YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide
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