YouTube Video Ads Top 10 Best Practices

Video ads are a highly effective low cost opportunity to increase visibility, improve branding and generate leads. The most effective video ads are based on a variety of best practices.

Here are the top 10 best practices to get
you started on the right foot….

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1. Define your audience before you start creating your ad
The more specific you get when targeting your ad the better return on investment. For example only create one targeting group per video.

2. Grab viewers attention in the first 5 seconds
Most ads are watched within 30 seconds so you need to grab the attention of your viewer within the first 5 seconds otherwise you’ll lose them. One way to achieve this is to ask a question at the beginning of your video.

3. Keep your video short and simple
A video ad is typically less than a minute long so don’t try to cram too much information in that time. Instead just focus on one main one point you want to get across.

4. Script your videos
Instead of “winging it” and making a bunch of mistakes, try writing out a script of the content of your video. Avoid reading the script while shooting the video. You can do this by just memorizing one line or 2 so it will sound natural to your listeners.

5. Include a call-to-action
If you want viewers to see your offer or to opt-in to your landing page you have to tell them what to do. To do this make sure you ad your call to action before the end of the video.

6. Optimize your campaign to improve conversions
Start with broad targets, such as “All topics” or “All interests” to let your ads accumulate views and clicks. Once you have data on individual topics and individual interests, then create new targeting groups. Set higher bids for high performers. Set low initial bids such as $0.05 then adjust based on the results.

7. Track your conversions
If you don’t set-up conversion tracking for your ads you won’t know which ad is performing better than the other one. Once you’ve gathered sufficient data then pause the ad that is not performing well.

8. Test different targeting groups
You may discover that the targeting group that you created for your ad doesn’t generate any views or clicks. Instead of giving up try a different targeting group such as keywords, interests or placements.

9. Test different types of ads
Create different video ads to test the effectiveness of different assets. The talking head video that you spent hours filming may not appeal to your target audience. Try creating an explainer video to see if it performs better. You just might be surprised with the results.

10. Add negative targets for your ads
If your your ad is not relevant to a particular topic or demographic, consider adding it as an exclusion at the campaign level.

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Now you know the Top 10 Best Practices For Video Ads

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