YouTube Video Ads…How I Got Over 100 Views To My Video For Free

  • Did you know that you only pay for your video ad if somebody watches it for 30 seconds or engages with it, whichever comes first?
  • If someone skips your ad before 30 seconds you don’t pay a cent.

This means you won’t waste money for people that are not interested in your business. It allows you to maximize your budget by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Watch the video below for an example…

  • Here’s an in-stream video ad that is playing before my own video
  • If I click on the links in the ad then the advertiser will pay for their particular ad.
  • If I choose to skip the ad by clicking “skip” within 30 seconds they don’t pay for the ad but if I watch the ad for a full 30 seconds then they will pay for the ad
  • Here’s a video ad campaign where I received more views than what I paid for…
  • I received 1533 impressions. An impression is counted each time your ad is served on Google’s ad networks such as or other publishers sites, applications.
  • Even though it says I got 434 views in Google AdWords when I checked my video it says I got 685 views
  • That means I got over 100 views for free
  • These people are probably the ones that skipped my ad so I didn’t have to pay for it
  • I got a view rate of 28.31%. The view rate is the number of views your Trueview video ad receives divided by its number of impressions which is 1533.
  • The average cost per view (CPV) was only 1 cent however I paid less than that because I got a 100 free views
  • The total cost was $5.11 cents
  • I had 11 earned views. An earned view occurs when someone who views your ad and then watches another video or videos in a linked YouTube channel within 7 days of the ad view. These additional views are earned views, but you won’t be charged for them.

Now you know how to get YouTube video views for less than 1 cent
per view. You only pay when people actually watch your ad.

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