How To Find The Video Manager On YouTube

Where did the video manager go?

As of July 2014 the video manager disappeared from the top of your YouTube channel. Previously you could access the video manager from the drop down menu at the top of the page. Now all you have at the top is the upload button, the google plus notifications and your profile picture.

Watch the short video (1:46)

  • To access the video manager click on your profile picture
  • You’ll be able to see the creator studio and the YouTube settings
  • Click on Creator Studio
  • It will open up a new page where you have creator studio at the top
    displaying the dashboard, video manager, community channel, analytics and create.
  • Click on video manager and it will open up a new page showing a list of all your videos.

And now you’ll be able to edit any of the videos by clicking the edit button as usual. Also under video manager you can access your live events, playlists, tags, copyright notices, search history and likes.

To edit your videos you’ve got the info and settings, enhancements, audio, annotations, subtitles and cc. Now you can manage everything under creator studio.

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