Zen Cart SEO | How to Optimize the Content of Your Product Pages

Your Zen Cart Store may contain hundreds or thousands pages. Fortunately Zen Cart automatically pulls information from the database to create the title meta tags. This is fine if you don’t want to customize each product page however you can attract much more traffic by customizing the meta tags and optimizing the content for each page.

How to optimize product page content

Product pages tend to be very specific because they usually consist of one product. Even if you this product receives only a few searches per month, 1000s of optimized product pages will generate lots of traffic and sales. You can often attain a top ranking by optimizing a product page.

1. Place the product name, and serial number in the meta title tag

e.g. Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet [DS-8810]

2. Create a meta tag description

e.g. Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet 8 Faucet handle Chrome plated brass

drain & pop-up included Ceramic Disc valve w/solid brass stem

3. Insert your main keyword(s) in the keyword meta tag

e.g. “Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet”

4. Include the title in the header (h1) tag

<h1 id="productName" class="productGeneral">Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet</h1>

5. Include your main keyword phrase in the product description under the header tag.

e.g. “Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet 8″ Faucet handle centers Chrome plated brass drain & pop-up included Ceramic Disc valve w/solid brass stem”

6. Include the main keyword phrase in the html code that describes your product image.

<img src="images/DS-8810.jpg" alt="Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet" title=" Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet " width="120" height="120" />

7. Include your main phrase in the breadcrumb navigation

You can view the breadcrumb navigation by visiting this page:

Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet


If you enter “Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet [DS-8810]” in the Google search box it currently gets a No 1 ranking and is the only page listed there. Now if a customer searches for this specific model with Google search this page will be the only one he sees as there is no competition.

If I build backlinks to this page using the phrase “Dual handle widespread lavatory faucet” in the anchor text, I will also get top rankings for that phrase. This will result in attracting more visitors and making more sales with my store.

If I optimize the content for every page as described above, my Zen Cart Store will become a highly profitable web site.

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  1. “Include the main keyword phrase in the html code that describes your product image”… I believe this is very important and Zen Cart already does this.

  2. You mentioned in your other article about Zen Cart SEO to include your store name. What other info would you consider adding to the product metadata? Could the meta description just be a copy paste from product description? (Why would this help in rankings? Isn’t it already being used?)

    This is a very helpful article. The Zen Cart tutorials don’t explain what to put in for content… “navigate to that product and click on the meta tag icon to define it.” (WOW! Thanks for the help! Unfortunately there are a lot of ZC tutorials similar to this and it almost always requires a visit to the forums… which inevitably point you back to the tutorial with some snide remark about reading it.) Having a concrete example is much more useful. Thanks for the article.

  3. Fr4nk Banana says

    You Rock! Thanks for this…

  4. Where exactly do you change the title tag for products? I can modify it for the homepage and category pages, but I can’t figure out how to modify the product page title tag.

  5. this is jkdsl thanks thanks

  6. Thanks for your information. I will do this on my zen-cart site.

  7. Hello,

    Please if you could kindly tell me how i can include my keyword phrase in the html code of my product image. I have looked everywhere and dont seem to find out how to do it.
    Thank You

  8. Many many thanks for this information!

    We have literally thousands of different printers as categories and inkjet cartridge models as products – so this will be perfect for us to improve rankings.

    Thanks again, John

  9. This is a good post, Could I copy this link to my website?

  10. Hi, I am also interested in how to add the meta tag to my image & under the h1 tag?


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