Article Directory Submission Alternatives – Top 7 Alternatives For Submitting Your Content To Article Directories

Google is constantly improving their algorithm so people will receive the most targeted information based on the keywords they enter into the search box. Many times the results have little relevance and you conclude it was a waste of your valuable time. The reason you receive low quality content is because many marketers try to game the system by writing one article then driving 100s of links to it to gain high rankings. A well written article with no links may not even rank even though it would be the best content for the reader.

Recently Google upgraded their algorithm causing many article directories to lose their credibility. Read Google Farmer Update: Quest for Quality

How does this affect you?

Beware If you’ve been using software to create and submit 1000s of articles from the same article. Low quality content will be penalized (your rankings will disappear or be lowered).

Beware if you’ve been scraping or copying content from other sites and using it as your own. Google will reward content that is unique, original and well written.

What can you do about it?

Make it a habit to write your own articles on a consistent basis then add them to your own website or blog first. If you want to publish them elsewhere rewrite the article so you’ll produce another unique one with it’s own title and resource box.

Top 7 Alternatives To Article Directory Submission

1. Write a guest post

Bloggers need to constantly create new content for their blogs. Search for popular blogs in your niche that offer guest posts then write a great article that targets a specific topic. If the blog has an Alexa ranking below 100,000 and receives lots of comments you’ll receive more traffic than any article directory plus receive a high quality backlink

2. Submit directly to ezine publishers

Create a list of ezine and newsletter publishers in your niche and submit your article to them directly. This means they don’t have to spend time looking for new content for their ezine. If the ezine has a large base of subscribers they’ll get redirected to your website after reading your content.

3. Create video articles

Convert your article into a video and submit it to multiple video sharing websites. Videos often outrank articles. Make sure include keywords in your title and description meta tags so search engines will index your video and rank it accordingly. With YouTube make sure you add your full website address to the description tag so it will be a live link. Remember to also display your URL at the end of your video to redirect visitors back to your website.

4. Create a podcast

Convert your article to an MP3 file and submit it to podcast directories such as iTunes. The beauty of this method is that you can use the article you’ve already written and re-purpose it into another marketable format.

5. Create a teleseminar

Convert your article into a teleseminar then offer the seminar to your own list or do a joint venture by offering the recording to another marketer in the same niche. A great tool for recording your own webinars is

6. Blog Talk Radio

Use your content to host your own live internet radio show. All you need is telephone and a computer. You don’t even need an audience to do a show. Blog Talk Radio creates an archive of your shows where you can listen to live streams or take them with you as MP3, RSS subscription or iTunes.

7. Announce on Twitter and Facebook

The greater your audience the more clicks and sales you’ll receive. Every time you publish a new article on your website or blog announce it on Twitter and Facebook by adding the article title and and a link to your blog to read the whole article. This will help build a community around your content.


The most natural way to attract readers and the search engines is to create content that is irresistible. This means you must first attract your reader with a captivating title, then draw them through the rest of the content by providing solutions to their most pressing problems.

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Herman Drost is the CEO of Web Design Maryland


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