Article Marketing: 7 ways to increase the effectiveness of your articles

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a proven method for steadily generating traffic to your website by providing valuable content, building lots of backlinks and improving search engine rankings. As more online business owners use this strategy to market their websites it becomes more difficult for your article to stand out from the crowd. The top article directories receive 1000s of new articles every day so you not only have to frequently write unique articles but promote them consistently to be effective traffic generators.

7 ways to increase the effectiveness of your articles

1. Do research on your topic

Too many article writers simply regurgitate content that has already been written thus boring their readers by not offering anything unique. Gather research by visiting forums, blogs, etc in your niche. Leave comments and ask questions to tap into the mindset of your audience. This will help you to craft articles visitors will want to read.

2. Do keyword research

Keywords within your article enable search engines to spider your content. Therefore include these keywords in your headline, article body and resource box. Google “free keyword research tools” to find software that creates a list of monthly searches for related keywords. Integrate these keywords into your content.

3. Create an attention-getting headline

Your headline is the single most important factor of your article because this is what initially grabs your visitor’s attention and makes them want to read the rest of the article. Try to place yourself in your reader’s shoes by asking yourself, “would this headline make me want to read more?” Use action verbs such as discover, get, how to, read or ask a question. One of the greatest headlines is “How to win friends and influence people.” Use this example to create your own article headline.

4. Give what you promised in your headline

Your article body should expand the information promised in your headline by providing valuable tips your reader can use in their business. Write at least 400 or more words as shorter articles are read less due to lack of good content.

5. Get your visitor to take action

The resource box at the end of your article is the only place you can promote your product or service and include links to your website. Your content should leave your reader hungry for more information. Provide this for them by offering a free report, an e-course or tutorial. If you want to build long term relationships with your readers invite them to subscribe to your newsletter.

6. Promote your articles

The most effective method of attracting lots of readers is to distribute your content to many places on the Web. This may include article directories, your blog or website, social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) , ezine publishers and online publications. The more articles you write and publish the more traffic you’ll receive to your website.

7. Monitor your article statistics

Track the effectiveness of your articles by observing which ones receive the most visitors. Check which keywords are being used to find the articles on your website by viewing your website statistics. If you submit your content to ezinearticles it enables you to track the number of visitors, keywords and click through rate of your articles.

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