Article Marketing – “He Who Fails to Plan, Plans to Fail”

article marketing fail to planSo you’ve decided to write and publish lots of articles but don’t have a clear plan how to go about it. Without creating a clear plan for writing and marketing your articles it will be difficult to fulfill your objectives.

Before writing your first article ask yourself this question:

What’s the purpose of my articles?

Get more subscribers

If you want to get more subscribers for your newsletter write informative articles that leave the reader wanting to get more information. Include a link to a free report or software in exchange for their email address. Make it clear during the sign up process they’ll be receiving your newsletter.

Build link popularity

If the purpose of your articles is to get incoming links to your web site or blog, include 2 links in your resource box. One will contain anchor text (ie “article marketing” will be a live link to your site), the other will be your full web site address (ie

Article directories also make the article title a live link. This is what appears first in the search engines so make sure you include your main keyword in the title and place it near the beginning.

Get top rankings

If you want your article to appear on the first page of the search engines you need to optimize it correctly. This means researching the keywords people are entering in the search box to find your article or web site, then include those keywords in your article title, content and resource box.

If you want to get top rankings for your web site you need to write multiple optimized articles targeting the keywords contained in your meta tags and web copy. By creating and submitting lots of articles to article directories and ezine publishers you’ll see your rankings increase.

Attract 1000s of visitors

Visitors will naturally gravitate to your articles if they contain information they want, need or desire. The methods mentioned above will attract readers however if you want them to keep coming back your content needs to be compelling. Each article should contain at least one nugget of information they can take action on right away.

If you consistently write unique content your visitors will recognize you as the leading authority on the subject.

Make a goal

After deciding on a clear purpose for writing and publishing articles, make a goal how many articles you intend to write and when they will be completed. Recently I joined the challenge of writing and submitting 100 articles within 100 days. Having a goal helped me to focus my mind on churning out one article per day.

Create a schedule

Decide how many articles you’ll write/submit each month, week and day, what time of the day to write and how many minutes you’ll spend writing and submitting.

Now that you have a clear purpose, goal and plan of action you’ll achieve success in your article marketing efforts.

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  1. Article Marketing is one of the best ways you can promote your website and the products that you sell. The articles that you publish online or offline also helps to establish the credibility of your website or product. `

  2. This is really cool.I like it, will feed your blog later.Have a good day.

  3. Some optional items you could include in your RESOURCE BOX are:

    1. Your Ezine Subscription Address: While getting your interested visitor to surf your website is nice, capturing their email address can help you begin the confidence/trust process. If you’re going to do this strategy, include a URL for your ezine subscription address and do not use an email address for the “join” address.

    2. Your Contact Information: Such as your business phone number or how to reach you for interviews or your press/media kit. Keep in mind that article marketing is a timeless strategy and you may not have an easy ability to retract what you put in your article once it hits major distribution.

  4. William..Thanks for the optional items tips.

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