Article Marketing Success – Attract Traffic and Increase Conversion Rates

The key to article marketing success is to get lots of eyeballs reading your content. The other point of success is that your article needs to be so compelling that it draws the reader naturally through the content then responds to your call to action in the resource box.

Let’s say you get 100 people reading your article and only 1 buys your product. That means your conversion rate is 1%. If you get 300 people to read your article and 3 people respond to your CTA, your conversion rate is still 1%. If you continue building more traffic it may slightly increase your visitor numbers but your conversion rates will still remain the same.

How to increase conversion rates

1. Quality content

Place yourself in your visitors shoes and try to read your content from their viewpoint. Ask yourself “what’s in it for them?”

Did you clearly point out the problem the reader is having?
Did you offer multiple solutions to the problem?
Did you explain each solution clearly?
Does your content have a natural flow that pulls the reader through it?
Did you create a clear summary of the article in the concluding paragraph?

By addressing these questions your content will have more impact.

2. Call to action (CTA)

This is the only place you get one shot for your visitor to take action…buy your product or service or subscribe to your ezine. if you’ve done a good job pre-selling your product in the article your visitor will respond positively to your CTA.

The first sentence or paragraph of your resource box is where you make your offer. The next few sentences explain who you are and includes your web site address.

3. Sales page content

Your visitor gets taken to your sales page from the CTA in your resource box. If the sales page is not compelling it will not convert the readers into buyers.

Here are 7 ways to increase your sales page conversion rate

4. Download page

The download page is what visitors receive after purchasing your product. It should thank them for their purchase and clearly restate the name of the product to reassure the visitor the information is correct.

Provide clear instructions how to download your ebook…not all users are computer savvy. You might also offer another product here that will further help the reader.

If you attract lots of traffic to your articles and convert readers into buyers you’ll have created a successful marketing funnel or system that you can use repeatedly.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
owner and author of Web Design, Web Hosting, SEO

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