Article Writing Templates – Top 7 Benefits

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One of the most highly effective methods of attracting visitors to your web site is writing articles then submitting them to article directories and social marketing sites.

So what is the easiest way to write 100s of articles?

Top 7 benefits of article writing templates

1. Makes writing easy

Article templates provide an outline to write new articles. Instead of coming up with new ideas you use the template to structure your writing.

2. Saves time

The key to getting lots of traffic from your articles is to churn out lots of them so your content has more chances of getting read.

3. Helps beginner writers get started

The hardest part of article writing for a beginner is to write your first article. Article templates will help develop your writing style.

4. Overcome writer’s block

Have you ever sat down to write an article but only ended up staring at a blank computer screen? Don’t worry…you’re not alone. Most writers experience this also however using an article template will help you overcome writer’s block.

5. Write high quality articles on almost any subject in a short time

Ezine publishers prefer high quality articles over low quality ones that have been hastily put together. Following the outline of an article template helps you build a a powerful collection of well written articles authors want to publish

6. Develop all the content you will ever need for your website, blog, newsletter and article directories

If you’re running an online business you absolutely need to create new content to attract visitors,
build your search engine rankings and gain backlinks. Article templates speed up the article writing process so you won’t run out of content.

7. Become an expert in your field

Writing and publishing multiple articles helps you get recognized as an authority in your niche. People will naturally want to add the content you’ve written to their ezines, newsletters and blogs.

The more articles you write the more traffic you’ll receive. In my next post I’ll discuss some of the different types of templates you can use.


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