Article Writing – Top 7 Reasons to Write Short Articles

Do short articles get read more often than long articles?

When you sit in front of your monitor are you more inclined to read a short article that fits within your monitor screen or one that requires you to scroll through several screens to read it?

Yes, I thought so…the short article wins!

Top 7 Reasons to Write Short Articles

1. Follow editorial guidelines

According to the editorial guidelines at Ezine Articles (one of the top article syndication sites) they will accept articles that only contain 250 words. An ideal article will contain 400-750 words. Most other article syndication sites follow these same guidelines however check before submitting your article. If not it may get rejected.

2. Easier to read

When I read the newspaper I don’t mind reading a long commentary (after scanning all the headlines). This is because it’s easier to read the printed word than words on displayed on your monitor. My eyes get tired if I read lots of text online.

3. Use one keyword phrase

It’s easier to write a short article based on one rich keyword phrase than selecting several of them. After choosing your best keyphrase break it down into sub titles then expand each of these into paragraphs. Do the same for each unique keyword phrase so you can produce several new articles.

4. High conversion rate

The clickthrough rate of short articles is higher than long articles. Computer users only take a few seconds to scan headlines before deciding to read the whole article. Therefore make sure the title of your article grabs your reader’s attention.

5. High impact

Less words are used to convey the same information that would appear in a long article. The writer is pushed to get his points the across faster. The article creates a higher impact on the reader because filler words are removed (such as “that”). This results in getting more subscribers and making more sales.

6. Write more articles in less time

Long articles take can take several hours to write whereas a short article can be written in one hour. This allows you to distribute more articles in less time which drives more traffic to your web site.

7. Create long articles from several short articles

It’s harder to write a long article of 1000 words than a short article of 500 words. It takes more thought and a longer time to produce. If you write 2 short articles on the same topic, combine them to create a 1000 word article. A series of short articles can also be compiled into a report, e-book or even an e-course containing your autoresponder messages.

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