Ezine Articles – Top 7 Reasons To Write Articles For Ezines

Ezine publishers are always trying to find ways to retain and build their list of subscribers
Retaining and building your list of ezine subscribers enables you to periodically send offers to them. If you build a large list this increases your chances of continuously making money from it.

One of the best ways to built your list is to write articles that your subscribers will value.
The value of your content is determined by providing solutions to your readers’ problems. If you provide content that is unique and well written your subscribers will stay with you for years to come. They may also refer others to your ezine thus helping you increase your number of subscribers.

Top 7 reasons to write articles for ezines.

1. Attract new subscribers

Ezines that only contain promotional ads do not attract subscribers. Most people are looking for information they can use in their everyday lives ie how to reduce weight, stay fit, keep your dog healthy, get more visitors, make money etc. When preparing to write your article try to get inside the mind of your reader so you can view things from their perspective rather than your own.

2. Giving back

One key to creating a successful business is to give a small portion of your profits to charity. This is a way to giving back to your community out of what you received from your customers. Writing articles for your customer’s consumption is another way of giving back. Your customers will greatly appreciate the value of what you are providing them for free and therefore won’t mind when you ask them to purchase something from you.

3. Free promotion

Articles offer a way to promote your products for free. You can achieve this by writing about the product in your article, then introducing the offer in the resource box of your article or in other areas of your ezine. You can also promote your web site or an affiliate site. This will not only save you lots of money because it gets more visitors compared to the short lifespan of running an ad. You only get one shot at making the offer in your ad.

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