Free Online XHTML Editor

Customers often ask if they can update the XHTML web sites I build for them with an online editor. Usually I refer them to
Macromedia Contribute which has many great features but it still costs a chunk of money.

  • 30 day free trial
  • Upgrade = $79.00
  • Full version = $149.00

Recently Mozilla produced a Free XHTML editor to edit your files online.

Mozile (Mozilla Inline Editor) is a context-sensitive XHTML editor that allows you to edit web pages from your own browser. It can act as the client-side of a content-editing system or as a self-contained “web word processor”.


Firefox Browser 1.0.4+ (1.5+ recommended)


  • Sits on top of your browser window for easy editing.
  • Edit text, add images and links
  • Use the keyboard and toolbar to delete and insert text
  • For client-side applications use the Firefox extension
  • For server-side applications can be installed on web server

How to install and use the Mozilla inline XHTML editor

  1. Install the latest Mozile Extension in your Firefox browser, or
  2. Restart the browser…
  3. Click “View -> Toolbars -> Customize…” and drag the Mozile edit button to your toolbar.


  1. Download the latest Mozile Server-Side to use in your web page.
  2. Unzip it to a folder on your server.
  3. To any page you want to edit add a script tag.
  4. Tweak the mozile.js configuration file to suit your needs.

Most online editors are HTML based. Now you can use this free XHTML editor to easily make changes to your web pages from within your browser. There is no need to upload any files to your server.

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