Ghostwriting Benefits

Writing articles is a highly effective way to generate lots of web traffic. Writing on a familiar subject is a lot easier than writing on a topic you are unfamiliar with. Sometimes however, you may get asked to write web copy or an article for a customer to promote
their web site. This is called ghostwriting. The person you write the article for gets all the credit by owning the copyright and may use the article in whatever manner they wish.

Benefits of Ghostwriting for the Ghostwriter

1. Market customers web sites

Content is still king on the Internet. If you write an article for a customer he can use it to promote his business in many different ways ie

content for web site or blog
get one way links by submitting to article directories
swap articles with other web site owners
create a short report or ebook to offer as a free gift for new subscribers
offer an ecourse
content for your ezine

2. Make money

Many internet marketers don’t have good writing skills or time to produce articles on a continuous basis therefore they will pay good money for a well written article. If they are happy with the quality of your services they will continue to employ you on an ongoing basis for future projects.

3. Hone your writing skills

Like anything in life “practise makes perfect”. If you write articles every day you will develop your own writing style, and produce better content in less time.

4. Market your own products

People are always hungry for quality content. If you sell a service or product yourself you have a distinct advantage over your competitors in promoting your business because you know the secret of producing lots of fresh, high-quality content. You also don’t have to pay for it except your time.


If you have good writing skills, are passionate about writing, can write on a variety of topics and want to make good money, consider marketing yourself as a ghostwriter or offer ghostwriting articles as an extra service to your business.

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