Goal Setting 2009 – reflect on what you accomplished the previous year

Before setting goals for 2009 reflect on what you accomplished in 2008. This will help you move forward into next year with more confidence and clarity and prevent you from making the same mistakes.

Here are 10 questions to get started with your reflections:

1. Did you keep a deep sense of purpose for why you are making money with your online business? It’s not enough to just run a business for the purpose of making money…make it more specific. Such as buying a new house, creating a college fund, funding a trip overseas for the whole family, etc.
2. Did you keep focused on your purpose or did you sometimes lose sight of it?
3. Did you have specific goals for what you wanted to accomplish by the end of the year?
4. Did you write down daily, weekly, monthly goals that helped you move towards your end of the year goal?
5. Did you prioritize your daily tasks by working on the most important ones first or just worked on the easy ones first then procrastinated on the difficult ones?
6. Did you set deadlines for achieving your goals?
7. Did you reward yourself when you achieved your goals?
8. Did you balance your business goals with your spiritual, family, educational and social goals?
9. What things prevented you from achieving your goals ie procrastination, lack of focus, etc?
10. How many of goals did you accomplish and what action are you going to take to make next year more profitable?

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