How to Create a Multi-Blog Web Site

A potential client of mine wanted to create a multi-blog web site for childcare providers. They would first register for a small fee then have the ability to create a web page for their school that contains pertinent information for parents.

The web page must have the ability to add images, text, etc for their school, and allow comments from interested parents.
Each site could either have its own template design or the same template for each site.

Here are the 3 ideas of thought of:

1.Create a multi blog web site using WordPress MU (
WordPress Mu allows you to create hundreds of blogs from a single install of WordPress.

I’d suggest getting my master hosting plan at It would have enough space and bandwidth to host all the blogs. It’ll cost a little extra to add a number of databases to the hosting plan as each blog requires a database (they would all be database driven).

2. Create separate blogs for each provider using WordPress Blog software.
I could set up a hosting plan in which you could create your own blog site template then create separate blogs as subdomains of this blog site. My hosting plans allow for a one click installation for each blog although you would still have have to tweak each blog a little to accomodate each provider. You could also use different templates for each site.

3. RV Site Site Builder. Set-up a hosting plan in which you create separate sites using RV Site Builder ( This site builder allows you to create separate sites (or separate domains) for each provider. It’s fairly easy to use, has lots of ready made templates and you can update it anytime with the online editor. The RV Site Builder would be included in your hosting plan.


I’d suggest going with WordPress MU because it would be the easiest to set-up, run and allows expansion since it has the capacity to run thousands of separate blogs from one site.


  1. Hello,

    I will be creating a website in the next 2 months which will be allow users to create blogs w/i the website. Do you have any knowledge on how to create this that allows:

    – Users to create a blog/”profile” that lets them add a photo of themselves and space for typing. Also, on this blog a place to collect paypall funds or donations.

    – Would there be any way for each person to have their own blog where they could tell friends to go visit it and donate money…their site would have their own web browser address.


    Andrew DeVere

  2. nice tutorial,thanks alot

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