How to Create and Market ebooks – Benefits – Part 2

6. Build link popularity

Google and other search engines use backlinks (incoming links) to rank web sites. An ebook that is distributed through many channels on the Internet will generate a multitude of backlinks that drive up your web site rankings.

Make sure the anchor text (link text) in your ebook contains keywords related to your product or service.

7. Become an expert

If you write lots of great content that helps solve peoples’ problems, stimulates their emotions or peaks their interest, you will become recognized as an expert in your field. Visitors will seek you out to get more quality information.

You don’t have to stop with one ebook, but you can build a whole business from it by writing several ebooks or even creating a printed version.

8. Re-purpose ebook content

Ebook content can be re purposed (or modified) into audio, video, teleseminars, ecourses, podcasts, home study course etc. You are only limited by your imagination. By re-purposing the content you attract different types of visitors (some prefer audio or video reading) resulting in more traffic and sales.

9. Interactivity

Re purposing the content of your electronic book into audio, video, teleseminars, podcasts will encourage visitor interaction. Social media sites are currently very popular so you can generate a lot of buzz over your ebook.

Here are 3 ways to achieve this:

* Create a forum – Use the main titles of your content for forum topics and encourage visitor comments.

* Create a blog – provide daily tips on the content of your book and invite visitors to add their comments.

* Create a YouTube Video – produce a video on one chapter of your ebook then invite visitors to purchase
it to read the rest.

10. Make money

Creating an ebook is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to make money on the Internet. It can be set up to automatically generate income without any human interaction. Your ebook can be downloaded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just need to cash the checks (if you use clickbank as your credit card processor).

You can even build a whole business from one information product. By re-purposing, repackaging, modifying and creating more great content you can create another income source.

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