How to Get Top Search Engine Rankings in Google

Does your web site currently rank well on Google’s result pages?

If your web site is on the first page of Google you will receive lots of free traffic and make more sales. High rankings are attained based on on-page factors and off-page factors.

On-page factors refer to what’s on your web pages:

  • Did you optimize the web page for the targeted keyword?
  • Can search engines find all your web site pages through the links on your website?
  • Do your web pages validate for correct HTML so search engine spiders can easily parse your pages?
  • Are your web pages free of all spam elements (hidden text, sneaky redirects, keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc.?)

Off-page factors refer to factors that can’t be found on your web pages:

  • How many websites link to your site?
  • Are these links from related high quality pages?
  • Do social bookmark websites link to your site?
  • Do the links to your website include keywords for which you want to get high rankings?

If you want to get high rankings for a special keyword, you must optimize one of your web pages for that keyword. If one of your web pages has been optimized for a keyword, then Google will return it in the search results.

Unfortunately, there are many websites that target the same keywords as your website. If more than one website has been optimized for a keyword then Google will list the web pages with the best inbound links in the top 10 results.

For example, if the top 20 websites have been optimized for the keyword “red shoes” then the website that has the most inbound links that use the text “red shoes” as the link text will attain the best position on Google.

If your web site meets all the on-page and off-page requirements Google will list your web page on the first page (top 10 results).

There are many ranking elements that influence the position of your website in Google’s search results. The more elements meet Google’s requirements, the more likely it is that your website will be listed on Google’s first result page.


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